What to do when someone stammers?

Reasons why someone stammers:

There are many reasons why someone stammers, stutters or is dysfluent. The situation may arise when the environment is noisy, busy, frightening, exciting, tiring, competitive, there may be interruptions and lots of talking, as well when the child is just learning the language and they have so much to say.

What sort of speaking situations can lead to more dysfluency?

  • Speaking to adults who talk very quickly.
  • Speaking while having to look high up to see the listener’s face.
  • Speaking when you think you will be interrupted.
  • Speaking to someone who is not really listening.
  • Speaking when you fear the consequences of what you say.
  • Speaking when you do not want to or when you have nothing to say.
  • Speaking when very tired, upset, or feeling unwell.
  • Speaking in a rush when you have a lot to say or a complex idea to express.

It can be difficult to offer support to others when we are anxious ourselves.

However, if a child stammers, trying to take the child’s view changes our focus and makes helping possible. Then we can do those things that make the child feel loved and wanted as well as all the little things that help in particular situations, for example:

  • Listening attentively
  • Responding kindly and uncritically.
  • Offering physical support when needed
  • Helping the child to feel safe.
  • Being encouraging.
  • Helping others understand our child.

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The 5 second rule TIP

Give yourself the 5-second rule…

Before responding to someone in either a positive or negative way, give yourself the 5-second rule by:

Counting up to 5 seconds in your head

By doing so, you will be able to gather your thoughts, words and actions and respond in a way you would like to respond, rather than giving your emotional reaction immediately, and consequently regretting it, as this response wasn’t up to your standards.

You will end up being SORRY and beating yourself up about it, which is not good for your self-esteem.




Think about it….

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What To Do If a Loved One Upsets you

If a loved one upsets you, IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT react in a negative way because it will make the situation worse. Instead TRY MY TIP below:

The minute you get upset with someone:

  • Start thinking of 5 things that you love about them

  • Or 5 things that they do to you and you love them for it and you are grateful


Your negative emotions will immediately start to deflate and you will start to look at the bigger picture rather than something they did and didn’t mean to upset you.

Your loved ones never really mean to upset you!

Let us know if it worked for you as well.

Good luck.


How to Manage My Time Well

How to overcome the overwhelming feeling – MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL!

Reduce your anxiety immediately by this simple and effective formula below.

My Own Formula

If you have a lot going on in your life and managing your chores is something that makes you anxious then here is the simple, but tried and tested idea:

  • Write down all the jobs you have to do in the day on a piece of paper.
  • Then next to each job write down roughly how long it will take you to complete the job and be realistic about it
  • Also don’t cram things in unnecessarily as this will make you even more on the edge!
  • Just prioritise the tasks based on the time you have in the day and leave the rest for the next day and so on.

Hope this helps you the way it has been helping me. Since I’ve been following these steps it has made a massive difference to my life, and now I have more time to do things I couldn’t fit in my daily routine.

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Best Way to Drink Water for Maximum Benefits

As we are all aware of the health and beauty benefits of drinking water, and we’ve been told from time to time to drink 2 litres of plain water a day.

But not many people actually know the best way to drink water to maximise its benefits!

My Own Formula

Here is my tried and tested formula to drink water to get the maximum benefit out of it:

The best way is to sip the water throughout the day. This way of drinking water, your system will be able to absorb it better.

Think about a plant pot, if you water the dried up soil, the water will drain out of the pot straight away without nourishing the plant.

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BEST Homemade Chemical Free Hand Cream

Do you want smooth, baby soft hands? 



My Very Own Formula

I would like to share with you one of my own tried and tested solution for dry and rough hands. It consists of only 2 super-easy to find ingredients: almond oil and coconut oil.

It’s best to use organic oils but normal shop bought oils work just fine too.

All you need to do is:

  1. mix both oils in the same quantity, e.g. 4 tbs of coconut oil and 4tbs of almond oil
  2. pour it in a small, empty/clean tub and mix gently
  3. then the solution is ready!

A quick tip: coconut oil solidifies in cold seasons and environments below 24 degrees. It will be useful to leave the coconut oil jar near the cooker when you are cooking. Or you can microwave it for a minute then you don’t need to heat the oil up!

This solution works wonders on my hands. It soothes and softens my dry hands and makes them FREE from wrinkles and dry skin. This oil also promotes health of the nails with plenty of vitamins and minerals.

I tend to use it last thing at night and once in the morning.


You can buy the coconut oil and almond oil by clicking the pictures here on either side and get them from Amazon, as that’s where I purchased them.



I hope this helps you out. As usual leave me a comment or any further question you may have in the comments section below and I will help you out.


Personal Review of Braun Oral-B Vitality 3D Rechargeable Electric Brush

I came from a pair of parent, whom are big on personal, oral and home hygiene.

You can imagine, how taking care of my hair or body, two to three times was crucial, but brushing my teeth can be something even more crucial.

I remember as a child, how much I faked brushing teeth by rubbing a bit of toothpaste around my mouth to get away from the ‘chore’ of having to ‘scrub my teeth’.

Brushing My Teeth Was a Big Chore

My mum or dad knew exactly what I was up to! So creating double work for myself wasn’t actually worth it, whether I liked it or not I still had to brush my teeth.

Honestly speaking, I hated brushing my teeth in the morning, when I was half asleep and my siblings were constantly banging on the bathroom door to be quick. Brushing teeth was definitely hard work then.

But somehow, that one time of hard work did get over, whether it was done in emergency due to the bangs on the bathroom door or whether saving myself from the inconvenience of double job from my clean freak parents!

It wasn’t that I was forced in a negative way, they just wanted me to have at least some teeth left past my youth! They also ‘drilled’ the benefits of oral hygiene in me quite regularly. So I could not forget the benefits!

I Didn’t Look Forward to it

But if I’m totally honest I’d say the ‘scrubbing’ part of the brushing teeth was something I never looked forward to. Here I tell you why:

  1. I had sensitive teeth, so brushing them manually was making my gums bleed and teeth more sensitive, and I was finding eating ice-cream too ‘cold’ (and I wasn’t ready to give up on my ice-cream, NO WAY!)
  2. Manual brushing wasn’t cleaning my teeth properly anyway! I still had bits of food, OK, OK some bits of secretly eating of crisps and chocolates left in my teeth even after brushing!
  3. The most important thing was I wasn’t enjoying looking after my teeth as it was hard work and time-consuming!

Found My Solution to My Problem

One day I was ‘window shopping’ version of browsing on ‘Amazon online’ and came across the Braun Oral-B Vitality 3D rechargeable electricbrush. I hesitantly bought it after reading some reviews which were mostly positive. I also wanted to solve this ‘problem’ of keeping my teeth healthy.

When I used it for the first time. Oh My Gosh! It was amazing; I just pressed the ‘ON’ button and put it on my teeth, OK in my mouth and let the brush do its job.

All I had to do was to guide it so it didn’t get out of control! It’s two-minute built in timer helped me from over brushing and it’s perfect for someone lazy like myself! It beautifully glides with 2D action as it rotates, and 3D white brush head for whiter teeth.

Oscillation and rotation helps to remove off the plaque and its twice as much effective than the manual brush in terms of breaking down the plaque and whitening your teeth. It rotates 7600 rotation every minute and the two-minute timer is there to assistant effective and quick brushing.

Here are some features of the brush:

  • rechargeable toothbrush with 2D action (rotates and osculates) – 3D white brush head for whiter teeth
  • built in two-minute timer
  • removes plaque better than the manual brush
  • comes with two pin bathroom plug
  • charge lasts about a week for a single person use
  • can have multiple family member use as the tooth brush heads are changeable
  • leaves teeth feeling really fresh and clean
  • improves the health of teeth a lot – less sensitivity
  • lasts ages
  • recommended by dentists

I absolutely love my Oral-B electric toothbrush and would highly recommend it, if you are thinking about going electric. I love its two-minute timer and I know that I’m just doing only the two-minute cleanse!

Always smile and keep on showing off your beautiful teeth.

Please leave a comment if you have something to say or ask us – don’t be shy 😉


How I Cured My Extreme Anaemia Naturally!

As far as I remember I suffered from short breath, poor concentration, easily got tired and general weakness. I always wanted to sleep even during the school lessons, in the middle of the day, evening – all the anytime!

I never or should I say my family never thought I was lacking in some essential nutrients, but rather they thought I was simply being lazy and sleeping was my favourite past time, or I would say the sleep was the best option to speed up any boring activity! I could not focus on any activity for more than few minutes and end up falling asleep!

Anyway, joke aside, I actually suffered from very poor blood count or anaemia, and didn’t know about it until my late teenage years, when I started to think why was I still tired despite 8-10 or even after 12 hours of sleep!

How Did I Overcome My Extreme Anaemia?

Eating green vegetables have NOT been on my favourite foods list. One day I just happened to have some spinach and rocket leaves curry not once but twice a day. Next morning when I woke up or should I say I had to wake up, I felt good.

So me being analytical as usual I started to wonder the reason whether if there was anything that I did or ate. I soon realised that it was the food, so the next meal time I deliberately ate the greens as a medicine. Guess what!? I felt even better! I didn’t need the sleep that day. I was more focused and therefore more productive on my tasks.

This was amazing. So, as usual I started to do some research on more foods that contained iron. I came to an interesting discovery!

Always ask a Health Practitioner

I asked a health practitioner in a health shop and he suggested adding some blackstrap molasses into my diet which I did into my daily smoothies. I started having more kale and watercress as a salad with my main meals.

Other essential foods that helped me overcome my many years’ of low blood count are:

  • Green mung beans 
  • Nuts, dates and raisins
  • Red meat occasionally
  • Liver curry

After 3 months of being on these foods, not only my attention and focus grew but my general life improved as well.

I was paying more attention to the people and conversations around me, which boosted my social life. The colour of my skin was less pale and I had rosy cheeks. I was sleeping well at night and was wide awake at day time and being productive and enjoying my life. I was learning new things at a faster pace and didn’t have the tendency to rather sleep!

My Final Advice

I highly recommend looking at your diet if you suffer from any of the above symptoms. Vitamins and minerals are best taken from foods that contain them naturally, rather than through tablets/syrups etc.

Good luck with your happy, healthy and bright future.



What are the health benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt?

The Himalayan salt or the ‘pink salt’ is known to be the most beneficial and cleanest salt available on this planet today, dating from the Precambrian Age of over 4 billion years when the planet earth was first formed.

Origin of the Himalayan Salt

It comes from the Punjab region of Pakistan. This region has the richest salt fields in the world. It comes from the mines around 5,000 feet below the Himalayan mountain range and the composed of dried remnants of the original, primal sea.

The Himalayan salt can be white, pink and or red in colour indicating its mineral content. These minerals are defined as highly beneficial for human and animal health.

Nutritional Value of Himalayan salt

The Himalayan salt is over 99 percent pure, a truly unique and loaded with over 84 traces of minerals including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron.

The pink salt often used for both culinary and therapeutic purposes. It is the best alternative to processed table salt, that is commonly used.

You can use it in your cooking as a healthy alternative to the processed salt, which is not only heavily processed and stripped off the minerals, but also loaded with a good deal of health damaging chemicals such as anti-clumping agent like yellow prussiate of soda, aluminium derivate and 97.5 to 99.9% sodium chloride.

The picture below illustrates the difference between Himalayan pink salt versus the common processed table salt:

My personal experience

There are a good deal of health and beauty benefits that I actually experienced myself when I switched to Himalayan salt in 2014.
I always had some unexplained health issues. After many years of GP and hospital visits, I did not get any profound diagnosis.

I was sick of being sick!

It was time I took the matter into my own capable hands, starting from looking at everything I consumed. I started testing the foods that were making me sick but still I were not getting any clear changes to my condition.

I was eating the eliminated diet of gluten and cow milk free, high in fruit and veg (blood type A) diet. I was not eating too spicy food either which is said to irritate your “second brain” the stomach!

My Research

As usual I started researching the pros and cons of everything I was eating even the ingredients and I came to a shocking discovery about the tablet salt! The more I looked into it, the more I learnt about it’s health damaging and highly toxic processing ingredients of table salt. This made me even more determined to look into an alternative option. Then I discovered the Himalayan Pink Salt.

After the first usage I started to feel my energy level was up and I was feeling more active, focused and healthy. My breathing was much easier and clearer and I wasn’t gasping for breath as I would normally do.

Himalayan salt lamp

I then bought the Himalayan Salt lamp which enables to clear the air by evaporating the dust and allergens in the environment instead of inhaling and getting them into the lungs.

The feeling of toxin and inflammation within my body started to decrease. I later found out that the Himalayan pink salt balances your body’s PH level.

Those who know me personally also know that I always had digestive issues. Tell you what people! This salt has helped cure those problems, completely!

I could not digest anything, even the plain water used to give me acid-reflux! This salt has helped stimulate the peristalsis of the digestive organs, balanced the stomach acid, supported the production of digestive fluids in the liver and pancreas, regulated the metabolism and harmonised the acid-alkaline balance.

This balance helped aid in my natural sleep pattern, which I was lacking in due to the imbalanced system.

I also started using the Himalayan salt crystals in my bath soaks to induce the sleep even better.

Despite my heavily imbalanced system, my blood sugar level used to fluctuate badly resulting in extreme bad headaches or I would pass out if I missed a snack or was late for having my meal. I had to constantly refuel the blood sugar level.

This was a frustrating vicious cycle because if I ate, I was getting indigestion and if I didn’t eat, I was getting extreme low sugar and lethargy!

I can happily share this with you lot, that all this is a total history now. I feel vibrant, healthy inside out and full of energy! All because I introduced the magic of the Himalayan pink salt in my life.

As I started to get more nutrition in my body; my bones became stronger, I got beautiful and radiant skin, stopped getting urine infections which used to be the regular thing.

Where did I purchase the Himalayan salt and lamp from?

Click here to purchase the same brand of Himalayan salt as I did, as I have tried and tested this. As some retailers are selling them and they are not pure and genuine.

If you want to purchase the Himalayan salt lamp, then please click here to purchase the one I did, again it is the genuine and purest form of salt lamp.

Alternatively, if you live in Greater Manchester, UK, then we can supply and deliver the Himalayan pink salt directly to your door. Please ask us in the comments section below for this service.

Or email us: rani@lifestyletipsandhacks.com

Final word

I now use the Himalayan salt in my diet same as I used the ordinary table salt. I am so pleased to discover that the Himalayan salt has the key elements to optimise my health and well being by providing me with a boost of key nutrients and minerals. I am so pleased that I have made this shockingly healthy discovery, which is a companion for life.

Just in case you’re wondering what I did with the remaining table salt that I had when I replaced it with the Himalayan salt….I used it all up to melt the snow here in the UK. LOL 🙂

Please share your experience if you have used or heard of the amazing health benefits of the Himalayan salt and what are your views? We are very enthusiastic to know and learn from you. You can do this by leaving a message or question in the comments section further down.

Your buddies

Rani and Habib

Best Oil Solution to Grow Your Eye Lashes Incredibly Long

Home Remedy for Long Eye Lashes and Dark Circles

What I’m about to share with you is very good to grow long eye lashes, under eye dark circles and fine lines!

I came across this amazing beauty tip by accident. As I have a habit to read health and beauty related stuff wherever and whenever possible! You will be guessing quite rightly that how much time I spend reading magazines and “Googling”. I just love finding out best solutions to any problems I face.

After trying out and getting the results, I get excited to share them with my friends, family, known faces and sometimes to unknown faces too!

I just love giving the best value to people, whether that’s a word of advice, tips or a helping hand!

Anyway, I’ve done quite a bit of research on the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil and almond oil.

I then came across a quick and easy solution to strengthening and growing eye lashes long.

Being excited as ever, I quickly jumped up to try it out as I had the ingredients at home already.

Benefits of Coconut and Almond Oil

Before I share this amazing beauty tip with you, I would like to briefly mention the amazing benefits to those who have not tried the coconut oil or almond oil.

I would say, try it! If you already haven’t as long as you are not allergic to coconut and almond oils obviously!

These oils are amazing for your skin as a body moisturiser. You don’t need any expensive body creams, butters etc that are loaded with chemicals.

These oils also work incredibly well to moisturise your scalp, grow your hair and tame away any flyways. They are fantastic alternative to any hair sprays, and conditioners.

Ingredients and Step by Step Guide for Long Eye Lashes

Anyway, going back to the oil solution to grow your eye lashes: to grow your eye lashes super long and strong, all you need is:

1. A small clean tub or a jar, preferably glass.

2. Add 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (melt it first as it solidifies below 24 degrees) in the jar and mix well.

3. Apply this solution all over your eyes including under eyes before bed at night time.

4. Wash it off as usual in the morning followed by your usual skin care routine and voila! Here is my own personal skin care routine.

5. Use this oil regularly for about 6 weeks and the result will be clearly visible to the others’ eyes!

How to Store the Oil Solution

You can store this solution with your other skin care items as you don’t need to keep it in the fridge because you don’t want it to solidify too much. It should stay thick as a cream consistency for easy applying.

I hope this amazing tip was useful for you. Please try it out and let us know what you think. Feel free to share if you have any other similar tips and tricks you have tried and they worked for you.