Best Tried and Tested Remedies to Cure Stomach Problems!

My personal take: ‘when nothing works this works’!

Does food make you sick and you feel helpless as nothing works to cure your stomach problem?

Then, carry on reading for a quick remedy.

Personally, anything I ate made me feel bloated, lethargic and low in mood.

After many years of this digestive problem, I’ve finally found a couple of very simple remedies that cured my sensitive/hyper stomach.

I first tried the Centaurim drops by A.Vogel when the stomach issues were unbearable.

Energised Me!

After the first usage I felt more energetic and felt the food digested better and I felt my normal self. This bitter herb is particularly effective for the acid reflux from my stomach to my throat and helped promote a good digestion.


Alongside the Centaurim drops by A.Vogel, I introduced the ginger remedy or shall I say I ate it accidentally and guess what, I felt fantastic! Then I tried it again, why wouldn’t I!?

It worked again and again. All I did was juiced the fresh ginger with some fresh, preferably organic carrots and voila! I had this fresh carrot/ginger juice first thing in the morning.

Ginger Contains a property called a Gingerol. This Substance has very powerful medicinal properties especially in treating inflammation, chronic indigestion, and morning sickness.

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A Final Word

Personally, I would advise you give it a go to the herbal or home remedies but do your research first to make sure you’re not allergic to anything or if it is not going to interfere with any other remedies you’re taking.

I usually tend to always gravitate towards more natural/herbal remedies, which have the fewest or no side effects.

Best wishes to your poor tummy 🙂


12 thoughts on “Best Tried and Tested Remedies to Cure Stomach Problems!”

  1. Wow, great information. I’ve always heard that opting more for the natural remedies is so much better than all of the chemicals that medications put in us. From now on, if myself or someone else is feeling crumby, this is a great bit of information to give. Thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Justin, you are absolutely right there. There is no comparison when it comes to natural remedies that are actually effective. The more we gear towards the nature the better for our bodies in the long run. Please give us your feedback once you tried this wonderful remedy. Best wishes

    • Hi Sebastian, Glad to know you are finding our information useful. Let us know how your mum gets on with this wonderful remedy. Kindest Regards

  2. My wife suffers from stomach issues from time to time. I’m 100% going to pass this on to her. We used to juice regularly, but stopped when our twins were born. Things got busy and we never started back up. Sounds like we need to start again, and use your recipe. Who knows maybe it will be my wife’s remedy as well.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your comments. Let us know how your wife got on with this remedy or this ginger remedy. Lots of love to your twins. Keep visiting our website for more wonderful tips and tricks to make you healthier and richer.

  3. Thanks for the tip! I have suffered many years with digestive problems, even had an ulcer bleed once. I tried all the over the counter meds that did not work.
    I have been drinking ginger tea for years and while it does help a lot, I need some thing more I think. I am going to try the Centaurim drops to see if that helps. I have never heard of it before, so thanks for the share 🙂

    • Hi Pam,
      I understand how you must have felt with your stomach problems as I’ve been through similar stomach problems myself for years. Therefore both ginger and Centaurim definitely helped me. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Best of luck.

  4. Ahhh, ginger. That is one of my favorite go-to’s when my stomach is feeling low. I love combining that with some SBO probiotics and bone broth for the gut lining. I have not heard of the Centaurium drops yet; I will have to give those a try in the near future.

    Thank you for your post!

    Ben Kuriger


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