Pineapple and Cream Dessert

Quick and Simple Dessert using Pineapple & Cream This yummy, delicious, ‘kind of healthy’ and simple dessert or a snack recipe can take only 5 minutes or less to prepare. You need only 2 ingredients: Tinned pineapple 250g (or fresh) 150ml of double cream (or single if you’re very health conscious) Method: Cut the pineapple … Read more

Most Effective Carrot and Ginger Juice Ever

What are the Benefits? This quick and simple recipe helps with: Bloated stomach Burns stomach fat in some cases! It gives you instant energy Mental clarity Helps manage your hangover! This is why I call it the: “Most Effective Carrot and Ginger Juice Ever“! All you need is: 3 medium to large sized peeled carrots … Read more

Secret Formula to Happiness

How to get instant happiness? My Tried and Tested Formula: Look into the mirror and smile – give yourself a massive smile. As your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and fake, it will take it as a moment of happiness, which will release a happy hormone in your brain called endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins … Read more

Wealthy vs Average

What is the difference between wealthy and average? To me, the only difference is your mindset and the choice you make in your life. Life is too precious to waste on unnecessary things that brings no value into your life. Next time when you get tempted to follow the habits of an average person, ask … Read more