What is intermittent fasting and does it work?

What if you found out that “breakfast being the most important meal of the day” was wrong!

What if you found out that it’s more important WHEN to eat than to what you eat?

Most of us follow this outdated ritual to eating 3 meals and many snacks a day. Or should I say we have been brought up with the concept to eat all day long.

I am going to share a transformational strategy and concept that I have been using myself for a while with amazing physical and mental benefits. This concept tremendously shifts your health, wellbeing, weight control and healthy aging.

In the recent years there has been a massive rise in obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases and we know that many of these diseases are preventable.

Calories in and calories out is not enough to maintain a healthy weight, as some of us tend to follow this idea of eating less and exercising more and this has been the common practice for many years’ especially in females which obviously hasn’t solved the issue of the above mentioned diseases.

We need to be asking this “why” question. Something different needs to be done to get the different results.

We don’t have to accept this limiting belief about our health that weight gain and age related illnesses are the normal function of ageing.

Many studies have looked at the data of children and women of escalating weight gain, diseases and poor nutrition and compared it to the 1970s and found that; in the 70s where most of us were consuming 3 meals a day without any snacks. Now we are still eating 3 meals a day but snacking all day long.

The advice we get from the health professionals we get nowadays is to eat almost all day long, which overloads our digestive system and pancreas. Our system is not designed to take this much load and hence cannot work properly to digest food and absorb the nutrients from our diet.

Another important distinction when it comes to meal frequency is the debate over the sugar burner versus fat burner:

Sugar Burner

Sugar burner is someone who consumes lots of carbohydrates and glucose as their primary fuel source, which is incredibly insufficient for their healthy body, and the sign of these individuals are frequent hunger and significant dips in their energy levels and they struggle with fat loss because the insulin being the fat burning hormone is so high.

So if the insulin levels remain high, we have more oxidative stress and have more inflammation and hence struggle with weight loss.

Let’s contrast this to the fat burners:

Fat Burner

  • Fat burners access the fat stored for energy
  • They gain more sustained energy
  • More cognitive clarity
  • Don’t get hungry super frequently
  • Easier for them to lose weight because they tap into the fat stores
  • They sleep better
  • They age more slowly

So, meal timing and how frequently we eat is absolutely crucial. Statistics show that on average two third for 50 and 60 year old females are overweight and more than half are obese.

How do we proactively address these statistics?

Attitude, as most of the people want quick and easy fix, which may include prescription and over the counter drugs over changing their lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Women of over 50 and 60s gain 1.5lbs of weight a year on average. Some of it is also linked to the hormonal fluctuation, less muscle mass than men, sleep disturbances and sleep disorders.

However, there are strategies that can help offset this without spending any money on fancy diet plans, portions, powders and supplements, which we all know is not the long term solution.

But if I told you that I’ve got a better idea amongst all of them I tried so far.

To me, nothing is more effective than the intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting can help fuel fat loss as well as many other life changing benefits including:

  • self-control
  • high self-esteem compared to other diets
  • it’s free, flexible and simple
  • it doesn’t take anything away from you

What is intermittent fasting?

It’s the absence of foods during the prescribed times. In other words you exist either on a feed or fasting state. For example when you eat, insulin is sacred by the pancreas.

To move sugar into the cells we store a large amount of sugar into our liver and skeletal muscles. When we exceed those storage sites, we store it as a fat. But when we fast our insulin levels are low and we can access those fat stored for energy.

How’s the intermittent fasting done?

Skip breakfast which reduces calorie intake by 20%-40%, which fuels the fat loss automatically. Typical time is 16 hours of fasting to 8 hours of eating window. It might seem a bit overwhelming to begin with, so let me break it down for you:

  • eat from 12:00pm – 8:00pm and
  • fast from 08:00PM to 12:00pm the next day

What are other benefits?

  • Fat loss around the abdomen and major organs
  • More mental clarity because insulin levels are low
  • Spikes human growth hormone, which helps us with more lean muscle mass
  • Improves blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels
  • Spring cleaning for the cells
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Is intermittent fasting for you?

It is as wonderful strategy as it is but it’s not recommended for everyone. You should avoid intermittent fasting if you:

  • Have hard to control diabetes
  • If you are a child
  • An adult of over 70 years old
  • You are pregnant
  • You have chronic heart disease
  • Kidney issues
  • Had eating troubles such as anorexia, bulimia
  • Binge eating as it can evoke these issues
  • You have a low body mass index and you are frail
  • You’ve recently been admitted to hospital

One more last but important question:

Can you not eat or drink anything at all during your fasting window?

You can absolutely drink plain tea, coffee, filtered water and this will not break your fast.

What to eat when you are ready to eat?

There are definitely foods that are more beneficial for you when you break your fast, such as:

  • whole foods
  • best quality protein, ideally organic/grass fed
  • wild caught fish
  • organic fruit and vegetables
  • healthy fat including organic coconut oil, clarified butter (ghee), avocado, nuts
  • unprocessed carbohydrates
  • low glycemic berries
  • green leafy vegetables
  • quinoa, sweet potatoes and squash as opposed to bread and pasta

Quality and quantity is crucial. These foods are crucial for building our hormones and also tasty that light up our taste buds and the foods that make us happy. Make sure it’s not boring fat burning battle.

Limit sugar and alcohol level as they outweigh the goodness you are consuming. Most importantly keep yourself hydrated.

How practical is it?

You can start with 12-13 hours and gradually increase the time by an hour or so every day until you have reached the 16-hour mark.

How long can you do before seeing the benefits?

Give a solid 30 days to see any benefits and to see if it’s the right strategy for you. If you have any health condition, make sure you discuss with your General Practitioner (GP) or health care provider first.

It may take 6 to 8 weeks to really see the full benefits. It’s a simple, free, and flexible approach you can try at home.

I feel it’s highly effective strategy and should be discussed more in the mainstream area. I wish you all the best and hope you see some amazing results. Take care


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Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has many amazing purposes that I come to know myself over the past few years.

In this post I am going to share my personal take on this super food/oil as well as its topical usages that I swear by to.

Also, a quick disclaimer: whatever I am going to share here is my own honest opinion and how it suits me. Please modify the recipe to your own style and suitability.

Here, we go into the actual purpose of this post which is how I personally benefit from coconut oil and use it in my unique style (as usual!).

How I found Coconut Oil 

I came across the benefits of coconut oil through a random research online, (I tend to do this quite a lot!) Me being health and beauty conscious, I quickly did MORE research just to confirm if some of the ‘ravings’ were even right!

Yes they were! As I started using it, and here is how I started using it:


The first claim was to use it in cooking: Due to it’s high smoking point and density of nutrients I was totally convinced.

So, I bought a jar a virgin organic coconut oil and tried it in my chicken curry. To be very honest with you, I didn’t like the flavour of it. Maybe my senses were more used to the smell of clarified butter or ghee, which has its own unique aroma and health benefit (which I will share with you in another post.)

Anyway, I did not give up (as usual!) and tried the very same coconut oil in a stir-fry. Guess what! I was completely amazed by the flavour of it!

It turned out very flavoursome and I loved it and obviously it meant I made the same recipe over and over again! MY TAKE: it’s very tasty in stir fries and vegetable curries.

Sun Lotion

coconut oil acts as a sun lotion as it has a natural SPF of 4-5 and contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from harmful radiation from the sun. A natural sunscreen!

I have been using it a lot during the summer sunny days and I can’t stop raving about it. Although I have to keep topping it every hour due to its low SPF. I love it and it does its job.

MY TAKE: It seems to work on my skin as I have an Asian skin but you may need a stronger SPF if you have a fairer skin and you are prone to more skin burn.

Under Eye Cream

My very own tried, tested and highly effective formula: I add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 2 table spoons of almond oil in a jar and mix it well.

Then store it at a room temperature maybe with your other moisturisers/lotions and apply it at night time under your eyes gently, using your ring fingers. Wash it as normal in the morning. This mixture helps with under eye bags, fine lines and plump up the skin.

MY TAKE: worth a try!

Body Lotion

Ever since I found the amazing coconut oil, I haven’t touched any other body lotions, body butter etc. As I believe they are loaded with lots of chemicals and contain a little goodness and only the goodness are advertised and highlighted, and I am not buying into that anymore!

So I turned to the good old and humble coconut oil. I apply it all over my body straight after coming out of shower/bath and give it a few minutes to absorb before putting clothes on. It really hydrates my body without making it greasy. I feel somehow it makes my skin glow, which is obviously an added bonus.

So, MY TAKE: definitely recommend it!

Facial moisturiser and Acne Buster

Tell you the truth, out of all claim I was fascinated about this one the most! Having been suffering from troubled skin for years!

I was looking for a something that actually helps me get rid of the spots and achieve clear glowing skin. So I started applying it on my face once in the morning and once at night time. I even ditched the make-up and gave the coconut oil the opportunity to work properly.

It was okay for the first couple of days and then my skin started to look oily, angry and bit itchy as if the spots were coming on. I stopped it there and then and didn’t want to aggravate it any further.

MY TAKE: It may work for you people but it wasn’t for me. Or it may work better if you have a normal or dry skin. I heard many Youtubers raving about it for their glowing skin and anti aging secret to the coconut oil.

Hair Tonic

Coconut oil is known to luxuriously moisturise hair and combat dandruff, hair fall, roughness/dryness, soothes out split ends. I use coconut oil on my hair at least 2 hours before shampoo and then after shampoo to my damp hair.

It’s the best natural hair treatment you can get for your hair to ease any frizz and give your hair a shine naturally. So ditch those expensive hair serums, (I have!)

MY TAKE: highly recommend it!

Dry Lips

You can use it as lip balm and benefit from the smooth and moist lips all day long! If you have a rough or chapped lips, try dipping a corner of a face towel into the coconut oil and rubbing it gently on lips for smooth, soft, pink and plumped up lips. I tend to do this at night time.

MY TAKE: go for it, what are you waiting for!?

Hand and Feet Moisturiser

Apply it a couple of times a day or even better apply it every time after washing your hands and benefit from soft hands and nails. you can also use it on your feet at night time after washing them and put socks on and discover beautifully hydrated feet in the morning.

MY TAKE: It works. Keep that coconut oil jar handy!

Grow Your Eye Lashes Thick and Long

Apply it on your eye lashes either using your fingers on or use a clean mascara wand and discover healthy looking long eye lashes.

MY TAKE: definitely works after a consistent prolong use. But you got nothing to lose!

The only word of advice would be is to use the coconut oil consistently for a few weeks to fully benefit from it. Again, if you experience any undesired effects, please discontinue to use. All the best


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How to Attract More Wealth into My Life

We, all humans are engineered to want more in life especially wealth, as we believe that money brings more happiness and abundance into our life.

But the real question is, how to make this billionaire dream our reality?

Well, here is my take or should I say, many millionaires and billionaires follow this easy and simple formula to attract more money into their lives. It’s not that you have to work 24/7 but it is more to do with your mindset.

Your mind-set must be right

Of course you have to work hard but before that you will need to have the right mind-set and positive attitude that you will attract the money you desire and live the abundant life. In order to accelerate this, its important to feed this belief into your subconscious mind.

To do this, you need to first write down specifically how much money you want on a piece of paper and read it out aloud first thing in the morning when your conscious mind is at the alpha state.

Alpha State & Beta Brain

Alpha state of mind is what science calls it the ‘right state of mind’. Alpha state of mind is fully awake, at it’s peak of imagination, creation, memory and intuition. It is also known as beta brain. Beta brain is in line with the subconscious mind and is receptive.

It is also paramount to read your goals last thing at night so it manifests whilst you are asleep, because that is the crucial time when your subconscious mind is not disrupted or influenced by your emotions.

Theta State

To speed up the process even further, you can bring your mind to the theta state when your conscious mind is super relaxed and receptive. Daily meditation and visualisation is the key to achieve this state of mind. Theta is the state of mind where it is believed that you can create anything, even you can change your reality as you are in deep relaxation and in a full state of mental imagination.

Visualise having the money and enjoying it. It must have to be created in your mind and emotionally living it first before it becomes your true reality.

To summarise this:

  • Decide how much money you want to attract
  • Have a 100% belief that you will attract it
  • Write the amount down on a piece of paper and the date you want to manifest it by
  • Read it out to yourself few times a day especially in the morning and at night
  • Take action with whatever opportunities comes your way, which will accelerate your progress
  • To ingrain this belief into your subconscious mind even further meditate and visualise your desired outcomes

This is the law of attraction and it’s bound to work if you follow it step by step. it’s like the law of gravity, if you drop something on the floor it has to hit the ground no matter what. Never try to manifest something you believe you are not going to attract.

Therefore, belief is the key and also taking action actively and spontaneously towards your goals.

Here is what we did:

We had our goals and desires written and then came along the Wealthy Affiliate programme to turn our dreams into our reality. We have not looked back since joining the Wealthy Affiliate. You can read our journey here. Many Thanks for reading this post.

We wish you all the best in attracting lots of money into your life.

Kind Regards

Habib and Rani

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Secret Formula to Happiness

How to get instant happiness?

My Tried and Tested Formula:

Look into the mirror and smile – give yourself a massive smile.

As your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between real and fake, it will take it as a moment of happiness, which will release a happy hormone in your brain called endorphins and serotonin.

Endorphins is a natural painkiller and serotonin is an antidepressant.

Smiling reduces stress and boosts your immune system. This positive impact can be measured with your blood pressure monitor as you smile.

Keep smiling – the more you smile, the more you are going to attract moments to smiles for!

All the best 🙂


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How to achieve anything in 21 days

As humans, we’re always longing for the next big thing and are never satisfied with what we have currently. Let me share my top secret to achieving anything you want.

This habit hasn’t come easily to me and it may be similar with the majority of people in this world, or should I say according to many researches.

Almost 95% of this world’s population are programmed to think in lack/never enough mind-set. What we constantly think is what we bring into our life. Hence, we repeat the life experiences over and over again.

Statistics show that only 5% of this world’s population make it to the top of living a fully abundant life.

This is shocking isn’t it!?

I am truly grateful that I have learnt this strategy. However, I have learnt it in the hardest way. Anyway, I was talking about the top secret to achieving anything you want in less than a month, or may I specify the days to be just 21 days!

Here is my own tried and tested formula and it works every time:

The secret is to be appreciative for all the good things you have in your life and send the positive vibes and high vibration towards your desires. Have you heard about the law of attraction? If not, let me clarify it for you a little more.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a belief that the positive or negative thoughts bring positive and negative experiences into an individual’s life. This belief is based on the fact that our thoughts are a form of pure energy and through the process of like energy attracting like energy we can improve health and wellbeing, money and relationships.

Law of attraction is one of the most commonly talked about laws amongst the universal laws. It has proven over and over that we all can improve our brain rewiring system from negative to positive, thinking through meditation and visualisation, and replace our limited beliefs to more empowered and positive thoughts.

Positive Energy – Train Your Mind

Therefore, it is important to first bring the positive energy into your being before attracting your desires into your life. In other words you need to be on the receiver end all ready and fully equipped to attract like energy.

Train your mind to deliberately appreciate and send gratitude to what you already have. This could mean the most obvious things.

For example if you are suffering from ill health or you are poor. Maybe you got bad knees or bad back. So automatically you will be thinking about your illnesses and being poor.

The word “automatically” I used is the emphasis on our usual paradigm that our society has taught us and that’s how we have been programmed from generation to generation, unless we make the deliberate commitment to think otherwise.

But what it hasn’t taught us is the consequences of the focus on lack, as whatever you focus on grows stronger, whether that’s lack or abundance.

So instead of thinking about the part of body that hurts, if we divert your mind and be grateful for what is in working order and totally focus your attention onto it. What happens with this focus is that your are radiating your positive and energy of good health and as a result you are healed.

However, it is important to stay on feeling well energy at ALL TIME and not letting your attention go to being ill.

I know, I know it’s hard and at the beginning of this practice and most of the time it could be almost impossible! But it can be achieved through perseverance and mindfulness on a daily basis. It is also important to remember that your desires have to be meaningful and powerful enough for you to make this change.

Being grateful and sending the positive energy is so powerful and according to many studies and experiments many people have got cured from life threatening illnesses.

Same Principles Apply For Getting Richer

If you focus on less money, that’s what you will always attract – the LACK, never enough! But, if you create the mindset of living an abundant life, your mind is so powerful and once it’s in line with the universe/God it will sure to create it.

What you think is what you attract!

I hope I made my point clear. Let us know your feedback and if you were aware of the law of attraction before. If you were, then please share your own tips and tricks which have worked for you. Please do share with us, don’t forget, as you could be helping somebody who is reading this post.

Keep on attracting those positive energy and may you be rewarded in abundance.


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Wealthy vs Average

What is the difference between wealthy and average?

To me, the only difference is your mindset and the choice you make in your life. Life is too precious to waste on unnecessary things that brings no value into your life.

Next time when you get tempted to follow the habits of an average person, ask yourself…

“What am I going to gain from this”?

“What personal, financial or professional value is this act going to offer me”?

If the answer is NONE, then stop right there, and make an alternative choice.

Have a think about it….

Keep thinking positive, healthy and weathy 🙂


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How to organise your life and feel good?

How to juggle/manage and organise the following?:

  • work
  • develop a business in spare time
  • home/social life
  • healthy eating
  • staying fit
  • personal development
  • and so on..

Here is my take

Time management is something that doesn’t come to us all spontaneously. One of the main reason for this can be that there is so much to do and achieve in life, but we have very limited time and we find it difficult to fit all aspects of life in one time.

Therefore, we feel unfulfilled and underachieved. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, continue reading.

What is time?

In my humble opinion, time is an illusion, which we must utilise to schedule tasks and create a successful and fulfilled life. We achieve goals, shift our perspective of life from A to B, which means we learn and develop, and fulfil our destiny.

What to do with the time?

We can best optimise time by scheduling important tasks necessary to move forward in life. Tasks can be combined but not multi tasked.

I mean if tasks can be combined simultaneously. For example going for a run or a session in the gym with your partner, friend or a family member, you’ve combined staying fit and relationships together.

If you listen to an audio book or a podcast or even your favourite comedy show, you are combining personal development with relationships. But make sure these tasks are fun and enjoyable.

How to schedule life?

That is the real question; My personal experience to achieving the scheduled tasks is to get self-disciplined. Self-discipline is like a muscle, it takes time to show on the surface, but the perseverance and consistency is the key.

When you push yourself
to get a task done when you don’t feel like it, that’s the mind-set which will make you grow and become a goal achiever.

Self-discipline will help you become more driven to success by getting the tasks done and achieving goals.

This process will help you develop self-belief, confidence thus positive habits. So it’s a win win situation. Being clear on what is important for you and committing to it, is vital part of the self-discipline.

An example of this could be, is to be accountable of achieving a goal and rewarding

You can even announce your deadline to the people in your social circle. So, they can remind you from time to time and keep you motivated of fulfilling their expectation of you. This way you will feel more accountable and get self-disciplined in no time.

Set routine and tasks

Having meaningful tasks and routine can set you to success. Break down your big goals into smaller chunks and incorporate them into your daily routine. Even if you accomplished a smaller part of your bigger task every day, you’ll have your 7 pieces of it done by the end of the week. That’s not a bad progress.

You can also have set jobs per day of the week. For example:

  • Saturday – family time/outings
  • Sunday – cooking/meal prepping cleaning, getting ready for the week
  • Monday – you can set aside an hour to plan for your side hustle e.g. if you are a blogger, then planning
    how many posts you want to do in a week. In that week plan by writing down ideas of your posts, getting the relevant materials ready images, videos, research
  • Tuesday – set aside 30 minutes to write a post and 30 minutes to edit and upload
  • Wednesday – go for a run
    or gym session with a friend and listen to the motivational podcast audio books to and back
  • Thursday – do a blog post and take as much time as you need
  • Friday – engage with your audience, reply to their comments etc

This is my typical weekly routine. I need to give up on the unnecessary distraction in my life in order to achieve my big life goals and feel good. What about you?

Another aspect to being productive whilst feeling good is to guard the time. Whether you are working for someone as a 9-5 job or working for yourself.

It’s amazing to have technology at hand these day, but try not to get tempted to check emails during out of work time.

As Mel Robbins states in her The 5 Second Rule is that we often fill up the time with whatever we need to accomplish. In other words, whether a task takes an hour or 10 minutes we are likely to use that whole chunk of time.

I would recommend setting a time of each task and getting a job done within that time. You will soon realise you will be using the mad-brain power to shrink that time container and saving yourself some ‘me’ time to take a break as a priority.

It’s important to have a cut-off time from your daily chores and to look after yourself. Remember if you don’t fill your own cup, you’ve nothing left to offer from an empty.

The jobs, the to-do lists you are trying to accomplish are always going to be there. But taking the time out to enjoy life is crucial for a balanced health and wellbeing.

I hope this post has helped you to organise your life and feel good about it.

Kindly leave a comment or further question and I will get back to you.


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How to Manage My Time Well

How to overcome the overwhelming feeling – MANAGE YOUR TIME WELL!

Reduce your anxiety immediately by this simple and effective formula below.

My Own Formula

If you have a lot going on in your life and managing your chores is something that makes you anxious then here is the simple, but tried and tested idea:

  • Write down all the jobs you have to do in the day on a piece of paper.
  • Then next to each job write down roughly how long it will take you to complete the job and be realistic about it
  • Also don’t cram things in unnecessarily as this will make you even more on the edge!
  • Just prioritise the tasks based on the time you have in the day and leave the rest for the next day and so on.

Hope this helps you the way it has been helping me. Since I’ve been following these steps it has made a massive difference to my life, and now I have more time to do things I couldn’t fit in my daily routine.

Video inspiration

Watch the video below to be inspired and respect the time you have or maybe wasting at the moment:

If you have a comment or question, please feel free to leave it in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.

All the best,

Rani and Habib

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Most Effective Carrot and Ginger Juice Ever

What are the Benefits?

This quick and simple recipe helps with bloated stomach (and burns stomach fat in some cases!). It gives you instant energy and mental clarity, and even helps manage your hangover! This is why I call it the:

“Most Effective Carrot and Ginger Juice Ever”!

All you need is:

  • 3 medium to large sized peeled carrots (preferably organic)
  • a thumb size piece of peeled ginger

Juice, both ingredients together in a juicer and drink the juice on empty stomach half an hour before breakfast.

Have you tried it?

This carrot and ginger juice will do wonders for you. Try it and let us know in the comments section below, how it has benefited you.

Keep on juicing them carrots and ginger every morning 🙂


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Things to be grateful for in life

Are you sad and miserable in your life? Are you low in confidence and not sure how to tackle it?

If the answers are YES, then keep reading for a simple solution.

Simply Be Grateful

A simple and effective way to improve your wellbeing is to be grateful for whatever you have. Giving gratitude instantly alleviates any negative energy or low feeling.

If only you stopped and thought about everything you have in your life, that another poor soul does not have, then this will automatically make you appreciate and give gratitude.

Remember, there is always somebody out there that will always NOT have something that you are gifted with.

DON’T look up and keep blindly wishing for things you don’t have, LEARN to appreciate and give gratitude to ALL the things you HAVE in your life.

My Own Formula

My very own tried and tested and effective way of being grateful is to:

Think of 10 things you are grateful for at bedtime, just before you sleep and the first thing when you wake up.

This will allow you to leave your subconscious mind on a positive vibration, which results in manifestation of your desire. The key is that the more you are grateful, the more you will attract of that gratitude.

What are your 10 things you are grateful for before sleeping and when you wake up?

Hope this helps you the way it’s helped me. So start being grateful from now and see the difference for yourself.

Happy living 🙂


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