Easy Ways to Make Money Online For Free

How Can You Earn Money From Home?

There are tons of ways to make millions and billions of money online! People often get stuck on the idea of the “latest

and trendiest” ways and they are never able to build a revenue generating, successful business.

Before you can actually make any money online, you need to understand the steps of building a successful business online. You need to research the proven methods, that are already working successfully, such as one that we know and use, which is Wealthy Affiliate and they are currently teaching hundreds of thousands of its members and many of these members are already making six and seven figure income online.

This method is the ultimate “money making” process that has worked in the past, is working now and it is going to work in the future too. It is the process that teaches to leverage as many opportunities in the massive online world as you are willing to work for!

Choose Your Niche

The first block of your own personal SKYSCRAPER is to before you earn money, you need to think about your niche (audience) website. Once you have a website, you will be offering value to your chosen audience through your contents, which will enable you to drive traffic to your website. Without a website, contents and traffic, there will be “NO MONEY!” Even if you continue to day dream or night dream of big money!

To re-enforce this, you must have a solid foundation of a website to build on. At Wealthy Affiliate, this will be the first thing you will be learning and implementing in terms of your business foundation.

Read our full Review on Wealthy Affiliate

The next block of your foundation is to understand the process to make money. As, there are many ways to build your entire business based on only one niche. Click here to understand what is a niche.

The diagram below explains the basic process of making money online:

Your Potential Customers

There are 4.75 billion people online as of April 2020, and these are your potential customers! These people are searching for millions of types of information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff (just like the way you have landed on our site). This is where you as an Affiliate Marketer come in:

  • You offer solutions to their searches
  • You recommend suitable products
  • You will be giving value and helping and in return earning money in the process

Next you need to have your own niche, which could be something you, yourself could be passionate about and therefore have lots of knowledge. Or it could be something completely new to you, for which you can learn and educate yourself.

You can learn about a niche in detail by clicking here

We all want to make big money, how big? That’s the real question, as sky is the limit, when we talk about the online business! It is important to specify your success goals by writing them down on paper. Research shows that, we as humans have 97% success rate of achieving it, if we have them written down, as there is a magical (like) effect between your brain and hand. Also, seeing your goals regularly you automatically hold yourself accountable.

We therefore recommend you writing down exactly how much money would you be happy earning, and how would you feel going far and beyond of your goals? Also think about how much time are you willing to invest in your online business?

We can absolutely assure you that you will achieve these and beyond if you work hard at this and become persistent towards these goals. You will achieve them, but ultimately it is UP TO YOU!

To get started on making money by learning and creating your own website, we recommend you sign up with:

Wealthy Affiliate for Free as a Starter Member

Good luck and go earn the money you’ve been dreaming to earn.

Please leave a comment or question you may have in the comments section below, that we have not covered already.

Have a great day 🙂

Habib and Rani

16 thoughts on “Easy Ways to Make Money Online For Free”

  1. Hi,

    What I love about Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of training that is available, the knowledge that you can gain, and the constant support within the community. It is very true that you need to work and invest much time and patience before you will reap your rewards, which leads me to my next point that I really appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate: they are honest about the realities, they tell members that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but that you have to dedicate time and effort to make this work. Honesty is not always found online, but it is still the best policy 🙂 and a company that is honest – like Wealthy Affiliate – is the best platform to start training.

    • Hi Christine,

      Many thanks for your honest feedback about Wealthy affiliate. Everything you have said here about Wealthy Affiliate is also our personal experience too and it’s 100% accurate. We are so grateful to be part of this amazing platform which help you achieve your financial dreams.

      All the best

  2. This shows that making money online is not so hard after all. It comes across very clear that we need to be focused and consistent if determined to make big online. I’m enjoying your posts.

  3. Good post. I have really enjoyed reading about the different ways of making money. I have done something similar, but you have given me more ideas. Thank you for sharing this post and keep writing.

    • Hi Sunaina, thank you for your kind words. If you have enjoyed this post, then you will absolutely love the wealthy affiliate program, where you can learn everything there is to know about making money online. Click on wealthy affiliate and you can read our full review. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  4. Hi Habib and Rani, like you, I have started my blog site through Wealthy Affiliate. What I like about it is that it doesn’t give false promises of any income, although the potential of becoming their affiliate is huge. They first focus in installing knowledge of how we can build our own and how to get started correctly in the niche that we choose. Thank you for this great article!

    • Yes, they most definetly don’t give false promises, as a matter of fact, Wealthy Affiliate is one of very few companies out there that do exactly what they advertise. You can make massive amounts of money, the sky is the limit really. We are very happy to hear you are already part of Wealthy Affiliate. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  5. Great information on what seems to be a very easy and fun way to make money. I take it that a niche is something that I am already interested in or knowledgeable about? I actually signed up for Wealthy Affiliate about 5 years ago. I did nothing with it, because at the time I had been scammed so many times. I sure do with I would have tried it and stuck with it. Boy how far I would be! I can see by all the research that they are still the way to go. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and how has it been for you so far?

  6. You can never say it too much, how great Wealthy Affiliate really is.

    Anyone with absolutely no experience in the internet world can learn and build within the wealthy affiliate platform.

    The step by step training provides the novice with the skill to build that skyscraper!

    Very well written and informative.

    • Thank you Don for your comment. You are spot on to re-enforce that anyone can build and start their online business with the help of Wealthy Affiliate, just like we did. It is a great place to learn and have your website hosted from.

      Habib and Rani

  7. Very well written! I love that you let people know that they have to put in work to achieve their money making goals. Cause all the others don’t do that.

    • Hi Fred, We are always honest and real in everything we write. It is important for our visitors to know that ONLY they themselves can make their online business a success through hard work and commitment. But we are always here to help and guide you and anyone visiting our website.

      Habib and Rani


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