Home Made Mask for Acne Prone Skin

Are you suffering from troubled skin?

If you have an oily/ combination skin, this face mask can literally change your skin tone and texture!

I came across this simple but effective mask from my auntie who always had clear and glowing skin.

I must have started using this mask when I was about 17 years old.

Imagine what happens to your face when you apply the ingredients you eat!

KTC Gram Flour, 1 kg

This remedy is simple yet so effective. The ingredients can usually be found in your kitchen. If not you can buy them for very cheap!

All I do is, twice a week, I mix 1 tablespoon of gram flour (or besan in Urdu/Hindi/Bangla), and make a medium consistency paste using the fresh lemon or lime juice.

I wash my face with a face wash (Neutrogena, Click here to find out more) and then apply this freshly made mask using only 2 ingredients! I apply a layer using my fingers
but you can use any cosmetic brush too.

If I have any leftover after the first layer, I apply another layer on top once the first layer dried up. I let whole of the mask dry completely and it usually takes about 40 minutes.

Then I slowly dampen the mask using lukewarm water and gently take the mask off without scrubbing too much and also avoiding the eyes as it can irritate the eyes because of the citrus. I then pat dry and apply my usual skin care range.

If I do the mask in the evening (which is the best time for skin TLC) I apply some fresh potato juice on my face. This gives added benefits including reducing the acne marks/pigmentation even more, and more glowing skin of course!

I use the potato juice on and around my eyes which drastically reduces eye bags and lightens the skin.

You can also add the potato and cucumber juice to your mask for added benefits.

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My final word

I truly believe the nature has the best cures. There are millions and billions of everyday ingredients that can be used to support our well-being. We just need some knowledge about them.

The natural remedies can take longer as they give you long term benefits rather than a ‘quick fix’. So my personal tried and tested advice will be to use this natural face mask consistently for couple of months and see the difference yourself.

We created this website to help inform people like yourself who support the nature’s input to heal us internally and externally.

So carry on connecting to the nature and nature will always heal you and make you smile and preserve your well-being.

Please feel free to comment and or ask any questions/requests you may have. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Your Pals

Rani and Habib

10 thoughts on “Home Made Mask for Acne Prone Skin”

  1. Hi Rani, your article is really informative, I did not know you could make masks with such natural products so easy to find. I’ll talk to friends who might be interested. Thank you

    • Thank you for liking our blog post. I’m happy to hear that you found the information useful and hopefully your friends will too. kind Regards

      Rani and Habib

  2. That’s really interesting – I’ve never heard of anything like this before. Our daughter (15) is developing acne and this might work really well for her as it’s on her forehead.

    Looks simple enough as we have ALL those ingredients in the house right now (well, my wife might get upset if she used up all her lime juice as she plans on making a lime-flavoured rice!).

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Dave for your appreciation and hopefully it’s useful for your daughter too. I had an acne on my forehead as well and it helped me. I’m also up for simple and effective remedies that are easier to find in your house. You only need about couple of tablespoons of lemon/lime juice, so hopefully it will still be enough for your lime flavoured rice. Good luck


  3. Wow! I never knew a face mask can be that simple and natural! I am one who totally believes that nature has all that we need. It just didn’t occur to me that facial mask too, can be made entirely from natural ingredients.
    Thanks for this great information, I’m going to try this out!

    • Hi Joo, I’m glad to know you found this information useful and hopefully helpful too. The good news about using most of the natural ingredients are; they are harmless on your skin.

      Please do share your valuable experience with us once you’ve tried this mask.

      Love, Rani

  4. I like this article. I have a problem with my face having some acne, so I am happy to come across your article. I will make this mask and hopefully it will help me. Thank you so much.

    • Dear Piseth,
      Thank you for liking this article. I am very hopeful, this mask will help you. It will be useful if you could share your experience of dealing with acne and what worked for you, as it may help others with the same issue. Thanks



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