How I Cured My Extreme Anaemia Naturally!

As far as I remember I suffered from short breath, poor concentration, easily got tired and general weakness. I always wanted to sleep even during the school lessons, in the middle of the day, evening – all the anytime!

I never or should I say my family never thought I was lacking in some essential nutrients, but rather they thought I was simply being lazy and sleeping was my favourite past time, or I would say the sleep was the best option to speed up any boring activity! I could not focus on any activity for more than few minutes and end up falling asleep!

Anyway, joke aside, I actually suffered from very poor blood count or anaemia, and didn’t know about it until my late teenage years, when I started to think why was I still tired despite 8-10 or even after 12 hours of sleep!

How Did I Overcome My Extreme Anaemia?

Eating green vegetables have NOT been on my favourite foods list. One day I just happened to have some spinach and rocket leaves curry not once but twice a day. Next morning when I woke up or should I say I had to wake up, I felt good.

So me being analytical as usual I started to wonder the reason whether if there was anything that I did or ate. I soon realised that it was the food, so the next meal time I deliberately ate the greens as a medicine. Guess what!? I felt even better! I didn’t need the sleep that day. I was more focused and therefore more productive on my tasks.

This was amazing. So, as usual I started to do some research on more foods that contained iron. I came to an interesting discovery!

Always ask a Health Practitioner

I asked a health practitioner in a health shop and he suggested adding some blackstrap molasses into my diet which I did into my daily smoothies. I started having more kale and watercress as a salad with my main meals.

Other essential foods that helped me overcome my many years’ of low blood count are:

  • Green mung beans 
  • Nuts, dates and raisins
  • Red meat occasionally
  • Liver curry

After 3 months of being on these foods, not only my attention and focus grew but my general life improved as well.

I was paying more attention to the people and conversations around me, which boosted my social life. The colour of my skin was less pale and I had rosy cheeks. I was sleeping well at night and was wide awake at day time and being productive and enjoying my life. I was learning new things at a faster pace and didn’t have the tendency to rather sleep!

My Final Advice

I highly recommend looking at your diet if you suffer from any of the above symptoms. Vitamins and minerals are best taken from foods that contain them naturally, rather than through tablets/syrups etc.

Good luck with your happy, healthy and bright future.



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14 Replies to “How I Cured My Extreme Anaemia Naturally!”

  1. This is great. My mother, sister, and son suffer the same. My sister nearly died from it. I’m glad God showed mercy.

    A good diet is the best way to combat those who have low-blood. It feels so much better to walk around with so much energy.

    Thanks for the info.


    1. Hi Lane, I’m very happy to hear your sister is doing well and managing her symptoms in the natural ways. It feels so much healthier and effective to gain vital nutrition via natural foods. I wish you and your family the best of health. Regards


  2. Thanks Rani. You have briefly covered some of the food items that help build the Blood count. Perhaps if you could put together ingredients with their proportions, it would make the readers more informed regarding the diet.

  3. Its amazing what a few changes to your diet can accomplish. I suffer from anemia in spurts. I will be perfectly healthy for months on end and then all the sudden my blood iron count will plummet. I have learned to increase my green vegetable count all year round. however this doesn’t always prevent the recurrence of anemia. I will have to look into some of the vegetables you mentioned as well as the molasses. Thank you

    1. You’re right there Maryann. A continuous addition of these foods will keep the anaemia at bay. I am on the same boat as you, I continued to have these foods in my diet to maintain the vital health and energy levels. Let me know how the molasses and the green vegetables I suggested works out for you? All the best your optimum health.


  4. I am really glad you found the fix without prescription medications. Vitamins and mineral along with many herbs would also help with these issues and there are some awesome ones on the market nowadays.
    Great job and best of luck to you and your health.

    1. Thank you for your comment Curtis, I will be very much interested in the herbs you’ve mentioned. Please can you name some of them here, for the benefit of myself and the readers. Thank you very much.


  5. Great post and very helpful information. Lots of good advice thank you so much for your help and advice, I will be trying these foods out for myself.


    1. Thank you Vicki for finding the post useful, and I’m happy it will benefit you. Feel free to share your feedback after you’ve tried the foods I’ve suggested. Regards


  6. Love how you overcame something so big because you had a plan! You were determined to figure out how to fix your problem and your now helping others with this knowledge. This is truly inspiring.

    1. Thank you so much for your acknowledgment. I am determined to help and support people with all my knowledge/experience and tried and tested methods. Watch the space and keep visiting our site as we are planning on publishing many more of our personal experiences on our site

      Please do share if you have your own tried and tested formulas that helped you overcome any issues in your life. This will benefit everybody. Thank you


  7. This post is a true eye opener. There can be something underlying issue of symptoms you sometimes present. It’s best to get it checked out and ofcourse look at your diet. What other high iron foods do you recommend apart from what you mentioned in the post? Thanks 🙂

    1. Yes you are right, it’s best to keep a regular check on your health to make sure you are at an optimum health. Red kidney beans, black chickpeas and all dark green leafy vegetables are high in iron. Best of luck


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