How to achieve anything in 21 days

As humans, we’re always longing for the next big thing and are never satisfied with what we have currently. Let me share my top secret to achieving anything you want.

This habit hasn’t come easily to me and it may be similar with the majority of people in this world, or should I say according to many researches.

Almost 95% of this world’s population are programmed to think in lack/never enough mind-set. What we constantly think is what we bring into our life. Hence, we repeat the life experiences over and over again.

Statistics show that only 5% of this world’s population make it to the top of living a fully abundant life.

This is shocking isn’t it!?

I am truly grateful that I have learnt this strategy. However, I have learnt it in the hardest way. Anyway, I was talking about the top secret to achieving anything you want in less than a month, or may I specify the days to be just 21 days!

Here is my own tried and tested formula and it works every time:

The secret is to be appreciative for all the good things you have in your life and send the positive vibes and high vibration towards your desires. Have you heard about the law of attraction? If not, let me clarify it for you a little more.

Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a belief that the positive or negative thoughts bring positive and negative experiences into an individual’s life. This belief is based on the fact that our thoughts are a form of pure energy and through the process of like energy attracting like energy we can improve health and wellbeing, money and relationships.

Law of attraction is one of the most commonly talked about laws amongst the universal laws. It has proven over and over that we all can improve our brain rewiring system from negative to positive, thinking through meditation and visualisation, and replace our limited beliefs to more empowered and positive thoughts.

Positive Energy – Train Your Mind

Therefore, it is important to first bring the positive energy into your being before attracting your desires into your life. In other words you need to be on the receiver end all ready and fully equipped to attract like energy.

Train your mind to deliberately appreciate and send gratitude to what you already have. This could mean the most obvious things.

For example if you are suffering from ill health or you are poor. Maybe you got bad knees or bad back. So automatically you will be thinking about your illnesses and being poor.

The word “automatically” I used is the emphasis on our usual paradigm that our society has taught us and that’s how we have been programmed from generation to generation, unless we make the deliberate commitment to think otherwise.

But what it hasn’t taught us is the consequences of the focus on lack, as whatever you focus on grows stronger, whether that’s lack or abundance.

So instead of thinking about the part of body that hurts, if we divert your mind and be grateful for what is in working order and totally focus your attention onto it. What happens with this focus is that your are radiating your positive and energy of good health and as a result you are healed.

However, it is important to stay on feeling well energy at ALL TIME and not letting your attention go to being ill.

I know, I know it’s hard and at the beginning of this practice and most of the time it could be almost impossible! But it can be achieved through perseverance and mindfulness on a daily basis. It is also important to remember that your desires have to be meaningful and powerful enough for you to make this change.

Being grateful and sending the positive energy is so powerful and according to many studies and experiments many people have got cured from life threatening illnesses.

Same Principles Apply For Getting Richer

If you focus on less money, that’s what you will always attract – the LACK, never enough! But, if you create the mindset of living an abundant life, your mind is so powerful and once it’s in line with the universe/God it will sure to create it.

What you think is what you attract!

I hope I made my point clear. Let us know your feedback and if you were aware of the law of attraction before. If you were, then please share your own tips and tricks which have worked for you. Please do share with us, don’t forget, as you could be helping somebody who is reading this post.

Keep on attracting those positive energy and may you be rewarded in abundance.


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6 thoughts on “How to achieve anything in 21 days”

  1. I totally agree, I have off and on tried the law of attraction attitude, I can get really into it, but then I quit for some reason. I’m semi positive and semi negative right now. I try not to focus on the negative, and more on the positive. But sometimes it’s not easy like you said. Life happens. But I think I got my good job and happened on wealthy affiliate because of my positivity. Great post!

    • You are right Buffy and I can relate to this. The more I am focused on the positives the more positive energy I attract and vice and versa obviously! I think the key is to keep persevering to building the mind-set on the positive approach as much as possible.
      Thanks for your valued feedback.


  2. I love the idea of attraction. I always focus on the positive, simply because it produces happiness. I never thought about how it might be able to get me the things I want/need.

    It is a challenge to change the way we think; you are not kidding there. I have been working on keeping a positive and grateful mindset for years now and still slip up from time to time.

    However, I do find since beginning my practice; I am generally happier in life than I used to be. There is no doubt in my mind that this could work if someone tried.

    • Thank you for your feedback. You are right, it’s like the law of gravitation – if you drop something on the floor it will hit the floor and same goes for the positive energy, it sure attracts the same energy and there is no doubt about that. That’s how the system of the universe works.
      The only thing is to keep practicing being positive and radiating the energy that we want in return, which we sometimes forget that by being negative and conflictive, you are definitely going to attract that. So don’t think by giving someone hard time you will be happy. The God’s/universal laws are so precise. Remember that!

      Kind Regards


  3. Hi Rani, your post is indeed a great read. You really did hit the nail on the head when you were talking about positive energy. A lot of people out there underestimate the impact of our thoughts on our lives. Positive thoughts bring positive energy. I am definitely sharing this article. I am glad I came across this. Thanks a lot for sharing!

    • Thanks Daniel for your valued feedback and kind words. Yes you are absolutely spot on, the more we gear towards positivity the more we attract it and ultimately it has a domino effect on our wellbeing and quality of life. Keep radiating the positive energy and visiting our website at for more exciting contents.

      Many Thanks



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