How to Achieve Your Goals in 11 Steps

Here is our 11 step by step formula to achieve anything in life:

STEP 1 – Think!

Sit in silence and really think long and deep about what your top desires in life are. The life you really want to create, and visualise it. If this excites you then move onto the next step. 🙂

STEP 2 – 6 Goals!

Choose top 6 goals to work on for the year. We wouldn’t personally advise choosing more than 6 as it becomes overwhelming and thus slows down the achievement process.

STEP 3 – Top Goal!

From the top 6 goals, select the very first one; the one that will help you get started on the whole of the process and hopefully have the domino effect on the rest of your goals.

STEP 4 – Order Your Goals!

Put these 6 goals in order of 1 to 6 and write them down. As research suggests that written goals have 97% success rate compared to unwritten where the success rate is only 3%.

STEP 5 – Analyse and Brainstorm!

Pick up your very first goal; analyse or brainstorm it. What training, equipment, or resources would you need to achieve it successfully? Don’t forget the time is also a resource. Be realistic about it and set a deadline.

STEP 6 – Plan it!

Now write a plan of how you can achieve it. I would advise to number each step and really sticking to it.

STEP 7 – Work on Your Plan!

Now pick up your plan and work on the each step, moving forward consistently.

STEP 8 – Set Time!

Setting aside a time is crucial. Stick to the same time if possible. Morning is the best time when your mind is fresh and you don’t have many distraction going on around you.

STEP 9 – Mediate & Visualise!

Meditate and visualise your end result daily, bringing about all the positive emotions that you would feel once achieved this success. In other words feel as you if you already own it.

You will surely attract it when you align yourself to your desire. But keeping consistent is the key and I can’t emphasis enough on that.

  • Focus on it for 2 months on a daily basis without a fail
  • Outsource and reach out to people for support as needed

STEP 10 – One Step at a Time!

Work on only one step at a time to speed up your success. If you have too many things going on at one time, your brain will be too busy trying to solve all the strands and as a result you will be wasting your energy and will not achieve any of the stuff you are trying to achieve. So conquer one step or goal at a time!

STEP 11 – Work Hard and ENJOY it!

Work hard, stay consistent and keep your mindset as if you already have it. This is the key to success. Also, make sure your are enjoying the full process.


We have done it and achieved success when we wanted to live the digital life, and wanted money freedom. We got our drawing board out, set up a plan, looked for genuine opportunities which would give us real and quick results. That’s when we came across the Wealthy Affiliate. Read our success story here.

We are very enthusiastic in supporting individuals like yourselves who are thirsty for success but don’t want to fall in the wrong hands, as we wouldn’t either. That’s why we genuinely want to help you succeed in your dream life.

We wish you all the very best. Please do your research and contact us if you need any support and guidance. We will be more than happy to guide you with the knowledge that enabled us to achieve success.

Habib and Rani –

26 thoughts on “How to Achieve Your Goals in 11 Steps”

  1. Hi Habib and Rani,

    I believe that writing your goals down makes them real and are the first steps to accomplish them. I also write my goals on paper or post its and they I paste them on my cupboards, so I see them every day. They keep me motivated. It always feels amazing when I can checkmark a goal, when I have achieved one. It’s an amazing and motivating feeling every time!

    • Hey Christine,

      Thank you for you feedback. Yes, that’s another great way to make sure you are constantly having the visuals of your goals if to write them down and place them somewhere where you can see them everyday. Or, you can also make a vision board.

      Thanks for the ideas.


  2. Thanks for this motivating post!
    I particularly agree with the point saying you have to write down your goals/dreams. I actually did a ‘dream board’ few years ago with all the goals that I want to achieve in the next 10 years time. Some of them have already became a reality, without me even realising it! Visualising your goals is equally important as working towards them.
    Keep up the good work:)

    • Hi,
      I’m so pleased to know you’ve already manifested some of your long terms goals. I wish you all the best with the rest of the goals on your dream boards.

      All the best.


  3. Hi Rani,

    Thanks for this step-by-step article to guide people on how to achieve the goals. I think it’s quite comprehensive to follow. I like to write down my goals on a vision board and put it somewhere I will see often at my place. So, I will know what to do every time I pass it.

    I will also attach some photos that what the results are if I succeed in the future, normally some fancy cars, mansion, or holiday photos.


    • HI Matt,

      You are right. I read somewhere that our success rate is increased by 97% if we right down our goals.

      Vision board is another amazing way to attract what our desires, which I have done for the past few years with amazing results.

      Look forward to seeing your manifestation photos sometimes very soon!

      Wishing you all the best.


  4. Hey Rani,

    I agree that setting goals is the key to achieving success.

    I also like that you included meditating as part of the process.

    I just started meditating a few months ago and i find that daily meditation is helping me to focus and feel less stressed.

    If I miss a day, I can tell by how I feel and respond to those around me.

    Thanks again for the valuable post Rani!


    • Thank you for your feedback. I feel meditation if the key to being physically and mentally healthy. I have been meditating for a few years with amazing results. Plus its helped me move forward in life so much. what you focus on is what you get, isn’t it!?

      Best regards

  5. Hi,

    What a great reminder of concrete actions towards achieving your goals!

    I once set down and wrote my goals but didn’t really take action to achieve them.

    Nowadays, it’s kind of otherwise, I am working on them but don’t have my mind map out.

    Need to refresh, and these simple steps will help me a lot!

    Thank you for sharing,


    • Hiya,

      Great to hear your feedback. I think most of us are like that. We want to focus but get distracted away from our goals and dream. Hopefully this post will help you.

      Many Thanks for sharing your views with us.

      All the best

  6. Hi, this is great information on goals. I enjoyed reading the helpful step by step approach you detailed here. The points you highlighted are very important but easy to overlook. Thanks for the helpful post.

    • You are right! Most of us do know what to do to achieve our goals but if the goals are not written ad worked on consistently, we lose the sight of them very quickly. As we get distracted with too many things going on around us.

      Thank you for you lovely feedback.


    • Hi Tommy,

      Great to hear from you and thank you for your kind feedback, much appreciated.

      Hopefully these steps are useful for you and for those who are serious about achieving their lifetime goals.

      All the very best.

  7. I am putting this plan to work for me. I love your website. Lots of great tips and hacks. I’m going to keep coming to your website looking for new things to try. Keep up the great work. Be back soon.

  8. What a great formula for success. I love these kinds of things so I’ll make sure I bookmark and come back for reference. Thanks for writing and making it clear. All the best Phil

    • You are right there Christy, if we can’t see it (visualize it) we can’t achieve it. That’s how our subconscious mind works.

      Thank you for your feedback.


    • Same here. I would advice you write down your list/goals the night before, just before your bedtimes. Look at your goals When you wake up the next morning and visualize/meditate as you breath in and out even for a few minutes. Feel those feelings as if you’d accomplished that goal. This way you are training your subconscious to accept what you visualize, as our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between the reality and imagination. Therefore it will only believe whatever thoughts/feelings you feed.

      Hope that helps.

      All the best



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