How to Attract More Wealth into My Life

How humans are engineered

We, all humans are engineered to want more in life especially wealth, as we believe that money brings more happiness and abundance into our life.

But the real question is, how to make this billionaire dream our reality?

Well, here is my take or should I say, many millionaires and billionaires follow this easy and simple formula to attract more money into their lives. It’s not that you have to work 24/7 but it is more to do with your mindset.

Your mind-set must be right

Of course you have to work hard but before that you will need to have the right mind-set and positive attitude that you will attract the money you desire and live the abundant life. In order to accelerate this, its important to feed this belief into your subconscious mind.

To do this, you need to first write down specifically how much money you want on a piece of paper and read it out aloud first thing in the morning when your conscious mind is at the alpha state.

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Alpha State & Beta Brain

Alpha state of mind is what science calls it the ‘right state of mind’. Alpha state of mind is fully awake, at it’s peak of imagination, creation, memory and intuition. It is also known as beta brain. Beta brain is in line with the subconscious mind and is receptive.

It is also paramount to read your goals last thing at night so it manifests whilst you are asleep, because that is the crucial time when your subconscious mind is not disrupted or influenced by your emotions.

Theta State

To speed up the process even further, you can bring your mind to the theta state when your conscious mind is super relaxed and receptive. Daily meditation and visualisation is the key to achieve this state of mind. Theta is the state of mind where it is believed that you can create anything, even you can change your reality as you are in deep relaxation and in a full state of mental imagination.

Visualise having the money and enjoying it. It must have to be created in your mind and emotionally living it first before it becomes your true reality.

To summarise this:

  • Decide how much money you want to attract
  • Have a 100% belief that you will attract it
  • Write the amount down on a piece of paper and the date you want to manifest it by
  • Read it out to yourself few times a day especially in the morning and at night
  • Take action with whatever opportunities comes your way, which will accelerate your progress
  • To ingrain this belief into your subconscious mind even further meditate and visualise your desired outcomes

This is the law of attraction and it’s bound to work if you follow it step by step. it’s like the law of gravity, if you drop something on the floor it has to hit the ground no matter what. Never try to manifest something you believe you are not going to attract.

Therefore, belief is the key and also taking action actively and spontaneously towards your goals.

Here is what we did:

We had our goals and desires written and then came along the Wealthy Affiliate programme to turn our dreams into our reality. We have not looked back since joining the Wealthy Affiliate. You can read our journey here. Many Thanks for reading this post.

We wish you all the best in attracting lots of money into your life.

Habib and Rani

26 thoughts on “How to Attract More Wealth into My Life”

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  2. What’s more, when you state this Prosperity Mantra consistently, numerous progressions will start to occur. You may find that your considerations and feelings start consequently getting more good, with no cognizant exertion. yantra manifestation They share that their propensities around procuring, going through and setting aside cash start to mysteriously change to improve things, without taking a stab at attempting to move them. Furthermore, they report that every one of their feelings of trepidation and frailties that they’re not qualified to be rich simply dissolve away, as they start attracting wealth to them energizing and unanticipated ways.

    • This is fascinating to know and I never knew about the Yantra manifestation before. This strategy looks the next level. I need to try it out.

      Thank you for bringing it to our attention.

      Best wishes


  3. Instant Manifestation is an effective transformational system consisting of several techniques. Each technique has been specially planned to manifest the things needed in life.

    All information that makes up this system is base on facts and psychology. You will gain invisible energy which connects the whole world around you. This means that you can get real concrete results that give extremely positive results.

    • You are absolutely right there. You can achieve anything with the positive mindset and affirmation.

      Thanks for stopping by and for the feedback.

      Best wishes

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

    • Hi Aminah,

      These daily self help activities are extremely helpful for not only your mental health but they also help you achieve your dreams and goals.

      Wishing you best of luck

  4. Believing is an important part of the process. Writing down your goals also helps, because then you see them every day and you are reminded of them. When you achieve them, it feels so great to checkmark them (which is what I do).
    I have not read my goals before going to bed, but it makes sense that that is a good time to do it, right before you go to sleep. It had not occurred to me that your mind at that time is freeer of emotions, which makes it indeed the best time to read about your goals. I will do that tonight.

    • You are right Christine. That’s why it is recommended to keep reading them out aloud or write them down, so they embed into your subconscious mind. It is also advised to to read or write them down first thing in the morning.
      Hope this helps.
      Please let us know how you got on with reading your goals before sleep.

      Wishing you all the success.

  5. Instant Manifestation is an effective transformational system consisting of several techniques. Each technique has been specially planned to manifest the things needed in life.

    All information that makes up this system is base on facts and psychology. You will gain invisible energy which connects the whole world around you. This means that you can get real concrete results that give extremely positive results.

  6. I mentioned in another post that meditation is hard but after reading this article I think I do meditate in my own way. I was a very negative teen and eventually that got old, and so did I, but I couldn’t break the habit. Finally I started using positive affirmations. Every time my brain thought something negative I would replace it by saying the opposite. Eventually it worked! I get told how positive I am all the time now! Any way thank you for another inspiring post!

    • Hi,

      Aww that’s so sweet and motivating. I found it super inspirational to read how you got over your negative thinking habits. I definitely needed to hear this.

      Thank you so much!
      Best Wishes

  7. I love it that you are writing about similar subjects as I do. It’s marvelous.
    I still struggle at times with the mindset, but I am getting there 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely feedback.

      Yes great mind think AND write alike 😀

      I think most of us do struggle with the consistency of the positive mindset. I feel we just have to keep reminding ourselves and keep going.

      Kind Regards

  8. Nice use the brain here and some excellent tips. I also love the focus on “taking action” as many people like the law of attraction but don’t take any action. The two have to work together and you make that really clear so thanks. I enjoyed reading.

    • Hi Phil,
      Many Thanks for your insightful comments. Yes I totally agree with you. There is no point of day dreaming if you are not willing to take action and make your dream into reality.

      All the best to you.


    • You are welcome Christy.

      You are right, there is nothing wrong with visualizing a goal but working towards it consistently makes the difference.

      Thank you for your feedback
      All the best

  9. I practice daily what you have described here. Meditation and visualization are powerful ways to stay connected with your desires and dreams and to attract everything you want into your life. Thanks for sharing this article! All the best. 🙂

  10. Thank you for this wonderful and inspiring tips. I believe in the law of attraction and I implement it in my everyday life. I’ve attracted many beautiful things in my life and I no doubt at all at the power of our minds.
    As for the money, while focusing my mind on my goals – I also work hards towards achieving them. This keeps my mind from loosing faith in my work.
    I love your website by the way.


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