How to Cure Stomach acidity / indigestion / IBS

Do you suffer from stomach acidity / acid reflux / gas / indigestion / IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)?

Then you have landed on the right website – because I’m going to give you a very simple and cheap solution!

Here goes my tried and tested natural home remedy to help or even cure the above mentioned issues or symptoms.

The answer is GINGER!

Ginger is a staple to Chines medicine. When consumed in small doses, it helps to alleviate acid reflux, reduce the swelling of the oesophagus, ease nausea and muscle pain. But if you use in high doses, it can make your symptoms worse. So please don’t go crazy with ginger consumption.

How I use it

Once peeled the skin, ginger can be grated, grinded, blended, shaved to add in your food. I personally tend to chop it up in small pieces and add it to my smoothies.

I hope this little post will be helping you out and get rid of your stomach acidity / acid reflux / gas / indigestion / IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

I will appreciate a comment left further below, letting me know how you got on 🙂


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8 Replies to “How to Cure Stomach acidity / indigestion / IBS”

  1. Rani,

    Good post. The benefit of ginger is indeed amazing and you have rightly pointed out some of its uses and those advises are very good and relevant to our everyday lives.

    For ladies, consumption of ginger can also help to reduce the menstrual pain. It is also known to be able to help to reduce cholesterol level in the body with regular consumption in moderate quantity.

    Last but not least, it tastes good in some dishes. I particularly like ginger fried with chicken or beef.

  2. I never knew ginger can cure Stomach acidity, indigestion and IBS! Great information, it reminds me of eating more ginger! Thank you so much, always like to see an article about eating something that can help the body!

    1. Yes SkyPath, ginger is actually a superfood! Research have proven its multiple benefits. Thanks for the response on this article.


  3. Thanks very much! This article was very informative. I didn’t know this, so now I learned something new 🙂 Guess I should buy som Ginger today : ) looking forward to reading more posts on your website.

    1. You are welcome Erlend. I am glad you found this information useful. Keep visiting our site for more interesting and useful contents. Thanks

      Rani and Habib

    1. That’s exactly it Catherine, Ginger is an amazing spice with many many health benefits, which I feel we all should know about for a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for you feedback.


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