How to fit more exercise in your morning routine?

Here are my top 10 ways to include more exercise into my daily mega busy life:

1. Do squats as you brush your teeth in the morning. This could last 2-5 minutes depending on how long you brush your teeth for!

TIP – if you feel your legs are not getting tired enough – try to do the squats faster.

2. Get moving in the morning – move faster than usual when you do your usual chores in the morning. This could include bathroom visits, preparing for your breakfast or lunch, getting ready etc.

3. Go up and down the stairs faster a few times, this will get your heart pumping faster.

4. Get your house work done before your breakfast. As you get up, brush your teeth, and drink a big glass of water and then get moving to your house work.

Morning is the best time to get your household chores out of the way when your resilience level is high. I find doing the house work in the morning much more effective and faster – try it!

Of course you can reward yourself to a lovely breakfast or whatever else you like to do e.g. watch TV, or sit in the garden outside especially in the summer.

5. If moving is really not practical for you then opening the doors and windows is another way of getting more fresh air into your house and system, which ultimately makes you feel refreshed.

6. Park your car at least 10 minutes away from your work place – if you go to a job, try setting off 10 minutes earlier, which will allow you to get that extra 10 minutes of exercise into your routine.

Or if you use public transport try getting off a stop earlier. If you can do longer then of course the better. Same goes for if you are a stay at home person and you need to go out to run your house errands.

7. Take the stairs instead of the lift – I walk up the stairs to 6th floor at least once a day and always use the stairs for going back down to the ground floor.

8. This hack may not come in early morning, but I thought it was worth mentioning – go out for a walk during your lunch break or take your lunch outside and sit somewhere nice to have it.

9. This one applies mainly to the parents or adults who have the responsibility for school pick-ups and drop-offs – walk to the school with your children in the morning, if school is in walking distance.

Walking with your children is such a good opportunity to teach them about everyday life, you can have a discussion about what you see together and it is also a bonding opportunity, so grab it! And most importantly teach them about road safety and stranger awareness.

10. Go to the shop walking if you need to nip out for a milk, bread etc first thing in the morning.

Please give your valuable feedback and share your tips and tricks with us.

Rani and Habib

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6 Replies to “How to fit more exercise in your morning routine?”

  1. Hi Rani,

    These are great tips to fit in exercise in the morning. Few years back I used to struggle with morning routines and there two things which I have specifically started doing to kick-start my mornings:
    1) For me, the hardest part is that initial physical act of getting my body out of bed hence I keep my alarm away from my bed this helps me not to push the snooze button when it rings.
    2) Before going to sleep I keep my workout clothes, mat, shoes ready on the couch – This preps me up and I do not skip my exercise.

  2. Usually, I try to make the most out of my exercise in the morning. It pumps me up for the day. Some other times I just take a walk to a grocery store just like you suggest. I like your ideas, they are very beneficial for a busy morning person! Thanks a lot for sharing.

    1. Yes you are right Ivan, the morning exercise sets you off for the day. you are bound to have a good and successful day if you start with the right foot. Thank you for your feedback and using some of our tips. Keep visiting our site at for more useful contents to make you richer and healthier. Kind regards


  3. Let’s be honest, with all the demands of our busy work schedules, making time for a little workout session is always a challenge. It is very helpful to know there are exercises one can do as part of a morning routine without any effect on your daily timetable.

    I really like the idea of using the staircase instead of the lift and parking my car 10 minutes away from my workplace. This will encourage me to exercise will realising it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this!

    1. You are absolutely right there. We, us humans are getting busier and busier day by day with so much out there as a temptation but less and less time for ourselves for self care. The good thing is we all know that it is important to look after ourselves in order to give back to the society. Keep sharing your useful morning routine and or exercise idea with us at

      Thank you


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