How to Host a Zoom meeting | Comprehensive Zoom meeting tutorial | Habib’s ICT Tutorials

In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to:

  1. Host a zoom meeting
  2. Join & download zoom
  3. Invite participants
  4. Mute/unmute mic
  5. Stop/start video
  6. Share screens & use whiteboard
  7. Chat (text form)
  8. Share files
  9. Record the zoom session
  10. Settings to manage all participants

Go ahead, open the video below and watch the tutorial at your own pace:

If I have not covered everything in this tutorial, please leave a comment or your question below and I will get back to you. (you may have to scroll down past other lovely peoples comments)

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Habib Ali – ICT Tutor

14 thoughts on “How to Host a Zoom meeting | Comprehensive Zoom meeting tutorial | Habib’s ICT Tutorials”

  1. Hi Habib,

    Thanks for this tutorial to show us how to host a zoom meeting. This is something that people who work remotely need the most in 2021 and the next decade, in my opinion. Your tutorial includes something that I don’t know, such as security options to share the screens. I am happy that I watch your sharing to get more information about Zoom meeting.


    • Yes Matt – this is the future. Many aspects of our lives will change for the better after covid is long gone. Zoom is a very powerful application and yet very easy to use. I’m happy to hear my tutorial has helped you out.


  2. Excellent tutorial on how to use Zoom. I use zoom a lot nowadays, and although I’ve learned much during the last months, it was very helpful for me to watch this tutorial and learn some additional info. The recording option is great, it’s useful for the “just in case” moments afterwards.
    The mute button is also very useful, especially when you’re teaching and you want students to be quiet. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just point a remote at people in a classroom and click on “stop talking”, haha, kind of like in zoom, hehe 😉

    • I would love to be able to point a remote and mute certain learners in my classes too – just like you could do so in zoom (LOL), that would be heavenly.
      Thanks for your feedback and comment – much appreciated 🙂


  3. Hey Habib,

    What a great tutorial on how to host a Zoom meeting. You have presented very relevant and very useful information on utilizing this technology and as more people work from home, I see this information as being important to know. Thank you for providing it for us in this tutorial.

    • Yes Michael, zoom has become a very important tool for us to stay in touch and use it for education. I also, believe this will stay with us after covid leaves us. We will be using zoom to carry on working from home and learning from home too. Take care 🙂
      Habib (ICT tutor)

  4. A comprehensive guide to to using Zoom and learning about its functions. I knew most of it through just playing around and saw some other functions that I’ve never used before.

    This tutorial would be very useful for the less tech savvy group of people. Wonderful tutorial!


  5. I have only really been using zoom since the pandemic and it has worked well.

    It’s been a great way for people and groups to stay in touch when not able to meet in person.

    Plus everything else you showed in this video was very helpful as ever pal.

    Keep up the great work mate

  6. I use to use Zoom a long time ago, must be 3 years or more now. I only used it a few times however I don’t remember having all those options available at the time. Did they improve it with more flexibility?
    I learned a lot from your tutorial and I can see how more useful it has become. I had no idea about the whiteboard either, not sure if that was available back then or not, I sure didn’t know about it if it was.
    I am planning on using it again when trying to explain things to others. Before I use to send them an email with a drawing on it, wow this will be so much easier.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Zoom is constantly being updated and improved.

      Yes the whiteboard feature is very effective especially if you are a teacher or trainer.

      Hope you have learnt alot from the tutorial.

      Wishing you all the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  7. Thanks for this Zoom meeting tutorial, it is very useful nowadays, when a lot of meetings are held online. I looked with interest and I will share this video article with my mother, who is a teacher and uses Zoom in addition to Skype, but she recently told me that she does not know all the possible options in Zoom, so I know that this video will be very helpful for her.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Yes this tutorial will most definitely be helpful for her. As I am also a teacher and I have made this tutorial specifically for teachers and trainers.

      Wishing you and your mother all the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)


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