How to Maximise the Benefits of Eating Fruits?

We are brought up to….?

Most of us have been brought up eating fruits AFTER a meal.

The question is….is that a Good habit or a Bad habit?

What happens if you eat fruit after your meal?

If you eat fruits AFTER your meal then it is not only toxic and bad for your health but you are also wasting the valuable nutrients the fruits have to offer.

If you eat fruits after meal on a full stomach, the fruits tend to digest quicker and therefore pushes down rest of the food, which is not ready to digest yet!

As a result of that all the food tend to rotten and create a very toxic stomach!

When should we eat our fruits?

So the best time to eat fruits is BEFORE a meal on an empty stomach to maximise the nutrition and antioxidant properties. This will allow the fruit to digest quickly before putting your meal in your stomach.

Hence, enabling the fruit and your meal to digest in a systematic order and getting the full benefits from your fruits and then your meal, without the risk of any toxic activity taking place.

Give us your thoughts, comments or any questions you may have in the comments section below.

Take care of your precious stomach, WE do 🙂

Habib and Rani

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14 Replies to “How to Maximise the Benefits of Eating Fruits?”

    1. Yes Justin, the foods can heal you or make you sick! It all depends what you eat and how you eat it. Having fruits inbetween meals should be okay as long it’s two hours later your main meal. Kind Regards


  1. Wow, I really did not know this. I usually just eat fruit when ever. But mostly it is in the evening after I have eaten dinner. I am going to change my habits for sure! I don’t want any toxic activity taking place and I do want to get the full benefit of the fruit!

    1. Thanks Matts Mom for your feedback. We are in a world full of toxins and I feel we need to be really careful in order to minimise them as much as possible. That’s why I’m always on the look out for unique ideas to try, and then share them with you lovely people. Please do give your feedback once you tried this new method and if you’ve found it helpful or beneficial. Kind Regards

  2. Nice article, it’s something I’ve never learned in the world of nutrition, but interesting. I’ve always eaten fruit after a meal (treating it like dessert), but after reading this I’m giving the other way a go and see how my body responds.

    Thanks for the short tidbit and I’ll be happy to spread the word to my fitness-conscious friends out there. I’m a gym rat, so I interact with them daily!

    1. Hi Todd, Thanks you for stopping by and for your useful feedback. I always did the same as you. But when I learnt the right way, there was no looking back as it made a huge difference to my health. Let us know how you get on. We are eager to know how you found it. Best of luck with your optimum health.

      Rani and Habib

  3. This is a great idea about fruits. I never knew that fruits can help, if you eat it before food. Now I will try to eat fruits before food and I will tell my family members as well the benefit of it. Thank you for helping me with your post.

  4. This is serious stuff and I didn’t know about it! I’ve always seen my family members eating fruits after a meal, so I always followed the same routine. You’ve opened my eyes. Thank you very much

  5. Oh My God! I never knew this! That means I always ate fruit in the wrong way! I shall try this method of eating fruits on an empty stomach and inform my friends and family too. Thanks

    1. So happy to hear we are teaching valuable and informative stuff here. Some of my colleague also told me that our contents are very unique. Please keep sharing the word. Together we can make the world much more richer and healthier. Kind Regards

  6. This was really helpful and interesting to read!
    I have been told that you’re not meant to eat fruit after you’ve eaten food but the reasons were not explained as to why, so I never really took notice, now I know from reading this post, and I will share this information with my family and friends and implement it into my diet.

    Anne Jones

    1. Dear Anne. Thanks for your comments. It’s surprising how majority of us do not know this method of eating fruits in the correct way. It’s great to hear that you will share this tip with your family and friends and apply this method yourself as well. Please let us know how you get on and if you have any further questions, do get in touch. Kind regards

      Rani and Habib

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