How to organise your life and feel good?

How to juggle/manage and organise the following?:

  • work
  • develop a business in spare time
  • home/social life
  • healthy eating
  • staying fit
  • personal development
  • and so on..

Here is my take

Time management is something that doesn’t come to us all spontaneously. One of the main reason for this can be that there is so much to do and achieve in life, but we have very limited time and we find it difficult to fit all aspects of life in one time.

Therefore, we feel unfulfilled and underachieved. Does this sound familiar to you? If so, continue reading.

What is time?

In my humble opinion, time is an illusion, which we must utilise to schedule tasks and create a successful and fulfilled life. We achieve goals, shift our perspective of life from A to B, which means we learn and develop, and fulfil our destiny.

What to do with the time?

We can best optimise time by scheduling important tasks necessary to move forward in life. Tasks can be combined but not multi tasked.

I mean if tasks can be combined simultaneously. For example going for a run or a session in the gym with your partner, friend or a family member, you’ve combined staying fit and relationships together.

If you listen to an audio book or a podcast or even your favourite comedy show, you are combining personal development with relationships. But make sure these tasks are fun and enjoyable.

How to schedule life?

That is the real question; My personal experience to achieving the scheduled tasks is to get self-disciplined. Self-discipline is like a muscle, it takes time to show on the surface, but the perseverance and consistency is the key.

When you push yourself
to get a task done when you don’t feel like it, that’s the mind-set which will make you grow and become a goal achiever.

Self-discipline will help you become more driven to success by getting the tasks done and achieving goals.

This process will help you develop self-belief, confidence thus positive habits. So it’s a win win situation. Being clear on what is important for you and committing to it, is vital part of the self-discipline.

An example of this could be, is to be accountable of achieving a goal and rewarding

You can even announce your deadline to the people in your social circle. So, they can remind you from time to time and keep you motivated of fulfilling their expectation of you. This way you will feel more accountable and get self-disciplined in no time.

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Set routine and tasks

Having meaningful tasks and routine can set you to success. Break down your big goals into smaller chunks and incorporate them into your daily routine. Even if you accomplished a smaller part of your bigger task every day, you’ll have your 7 pieces of it done by the end of the week. That’s not a bad progress.

You can also have set jobs per day of the week. For example:

  • Saturday – family time/outings
  • Sunday – cooking/meal prepping cleaning, getting ready for the week
  • Monday – you can set aside an hour to plan for your side hustle e.g. if you are a blogger, then planning
    how many posts you want to do in a week. In that week plan by writing down ideas of your posts, getting the relevant materials ready images, videos, research
  • Tuesday – set aside 30 minutes to write a post and 30 minutes to edit and upload
  • Wednesday – go for a run
    or gym session with a friend and listen to the motivational podcast audio books to and back
  • Thursday – do a blog post and take as much time as you need
  • Friday – engage with your audience, reply to their comments etc

This is my typical weekly routine. I need to give up on the unnecessary distraction in my life in order to achieve my big life goals and feel good. What about you?

Another aspect to being productive whilst feeling good is to guard the time. Whether you are working for someone as a 9-5 job or working for yourself.

It’s amazing to have technology at hand these day, but try not to get tempted to check emails during out of work time.

As Mel Robbins states in her The 5 Second Rule is that we often fill up the time with whatever we need to accomplish. In other words, whether a task takes an hour or 10 minutes we are likely to use that whole chunk of time.

I would recommend setting a time of each task and getting a job done within that time. You will soon realise you will be using the mad-brain power to shrink that time container and saving yourself some ‘me’ time to take a break as a priority.

It’s important to have a cut-off time from your daily chores and to look after yourself. Remember if you don’t fill your own cup, you’ve nothing left to offer from an empty.

The jobs, the to-do lists you are trying to accomplish are always going to be there. But taking the time out to enjoy life is crucial for a balanced health and wellbeing.

I hope this post has helped you to organise your life and feel good about it.

Kindly leave a comment or further question and I will get back to you.


10 thoughts on “How to organise your life and feel good?”

  1. These are great ideas on how to organise one’s life. I really like the idea of planning one’s week in advance, as well as allocating a certain amount of time to a task in order to improve efficiency. I’m also glad to see that you included time out for oneself and to enjoy life, as that is so important. Thank you for sharing the information in this article. I enjoyed reading it.

  2. I try to use Sunday for a planning day for the week. I tend to look at the weather to see what days are the best to get outside stuff done. Plan inside stuff for the days when it is too cool or wet outside.

    I normally work on blogging stuff in the morning time and other stuff in the afternoon when others are home.

    Do you think weather and activities of others should go into your organisation skills?


    • Fantastic ideas John! I really like taking the weather into account to make the most of indoor and outdoor activities. Thank you

  3. I really enjoyed your article about how to organize your life and feel good.

    It is so important to step back and decide what matters in life. Then, take steps, even if they are small ones to accomplish what you want to achieve.

    I like the idea of planning out what I want to achieve on a given night (after work). I might work on my hobby, exercise, visit family, sort a room. Whatever it is, I find it so much easier if I have planned it.

    Letting people know your plans is a great idea too. It certainly keeps one accountable!

    Thanks for your informative article and the good tips!

    Have a great day!

    • Thanks Angela for your compliments and that you found this article useful. I feel this is an amazing way to organise your life in today’s time and age where there are tons of distraction that consume your valuable time and keep you away from your goals and priorities in life. I feel if we allocate the time on a daily basis to get things done we will be well towards our goals in life. wish you all the best with your life goals. Rani

  4. This is very useful tips, because I’m really struggling organizing my time. I’m very busy, I work 8 hours per day, I’m doing weight training, playing basketball and training to build my online business at the same time, so your advice about breaking down the week and writing down what day I’m performing what task is very helpful.

    Thank you so much and I hope I’ll be able to organize my jobs and things, I have to do better.

    • Hi Marius, I can really understand how you’re feeling as I was feeling the same not long ago, until I discovered this effective way to organise my life better and get more done in the day. Good luck with everything you’re doing.


  5. I will implement that program you wrote. I should do like you and schedule my day and week as I am very busy. I tend not to do it and usually become overwhelmed by the amount of work that I didn’t organize! Thank you 🙂

    • Great Aurellien, That’s exactly how I used to feel until I came across this effective method to organise my life, hence sharing it with all of you guys here at, who can benefit from organising their lives without getting overwhelmed and stressed.
      Let us know how you got on. Good luck



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