Is The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) a Scam or What? – Our personal experience

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) Review – Lets Dive Into it!

There are many affiliate marketing programs online that claim to make you “BIG BUCKS!” Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is one of them!

We have been a member of SFM therefore, we can give a review that is honest and impartial that we (myself and my wife) experienced. If you are thinking of joining SFM but not quite sure then keep reading as you might come to a shocking discovery!

Is SFM a scam?

Before we say anything, we would like to make it clear that SFM is not a scam so relax…but the real questions are:

  1. How much cash have you got to spare?
  2. How patient are you?
  3. How many up sells can you handle?

You will need to put aside $2,500 to $20,000 to learn any concrete knowledge of internet marketing.

You will have to be extremely patient as you will face many barriers frequently which we will tell you from our experience and break it down for you.

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Break Down of Costs

  1. Joining fee – will cost you $29.95 and you will have to complete an application
  2. SFM Essential membership – will cost you $297 upfront, plus $97 a month
  3. Elite Membership – will cost you $2,500 per year
  4. Silver (Digital Experts Academy – DEA) – will cost you $2,500 (plus Elite Membership Fee $2,500 per year)
  5. Gold (Digital Experts Academy – DEA) – will cost you $8,000 (plus Elite Membership Fee $2,500 per year)
  6. Platinum (Digital Experts Academy – DEA) – will cost you $11,000 (plus Elite Membership Fee $2,500 per year)
  7. Black (Digital Experts Academy – DEA) – will cost you $20,000 (plus Elite Membership Fee $2,500 per year)

Trial Membership – $29.95

In order for you to be accepted as a member, you have to provide a lot of personal details such as your monthly income, your savings, your personal goals etc. However this is refundable within 30 days.

The 30-day trial will not give you anything that you cannot find and learn for free online. So the trial is nothing special. It simply gives you access to SFM’s introductory course that involves all around what you will be doing using their different programs and how you can be successful online, but doesn’t really teach you or show you how.

If you want to be taught actual affiliate marketing and get 2 free websites all for free, then join our number one recommended program.

The application fee of $29.95, will give you access to SFM’s module 1 – introduction course, where you will be introduced to the process of money making, why it’s important to have a website, the different forms of advertisement, list building requirements and giving value to your visitors/customers.

SFM will explain to you all the different systems they have and how much commission you could make by promoting them. In essence, they would love you to promote their products more than anything and that is what we experienced as a member.

SFM Essential membership – $297 upfront, plus $97 a month

For this significant amount of fee, you will get access to 5 modules. Module 1 is the introduction which we have already discussed above. Module 2 is about your blueprint. This is where they tell you the importance of having a blueprint and how similar it is to constructing a brick and mortar building.

As we said earlier you will need a lot of patience because when we were working through the modules we kept coming across many barriers that stopped us progressing further and learning at our own pace and time.

For example at the end of part 1 of module 2 we had to book for a live orientation workshop webinar where new members get together and share their reasons of joining SFM etc. We had to wait for our system consultant to book us in and email a link to us which took about a week. We had no choice but to wait and were not allowed to move forward without attending this orientation workshop. This was very frustrating for us and we felt like we wasted a whole week.

So far nothing was learnt and we found the orientation workshop a complete waste of time, which was 4 hours long (non-stop) by the way. It was just 2 SFM trainers whom had picked 2 new members and all they did is asked them why they joined, what they want to get out of SFM and nobody else was really included or communicated with.

We just sat there till 12am (BST time) and were waiting in anticipation when are they going to teach us something of true value. But guess what, we got no value. So we continued till the very end, for the sake of getting a code which will allow us to unlock the next module (talk about barriers!)

As part of module 2, you also have to complete trajectory worksheets where you have to show them your past 10 years of income, assets and any debt you may have. My life worksheets, my bucket list, productivity planner etc. This was not optional and if you are like us, we just wanted to get on with learning the business side of affiliate marketing and get our website up and running.

BUT IT NEVER HAPPENED WITH SFM! However, it did happen with this program right from day 1 of joining it.


Module 3 – system setup

Another application needs filling in because we had to tell SFM how do we plan to promote their products, how much can we afford to pay for their products, and what is our monthly budget for promoting their products. We started feeling trapped and it seemed all about SFM and less of actually learning and promoting products of our choice such as Amazon, eBay etc.

We started losing patience and felt a lot of frustration because it was just video after video of Sturat Ross (co-founder of SFM) going on and on about his stories, his struggles, his personal life, but NEVER taught us anything about real business, the REAL reason we signed up for. We wanted to somehow squeeze some lessons on affiliate marketing out of Stuart’s videos (but it wasn’t possible LOL). The guy can talk for the world but personally we didn’t learn anything new.

Elite membership – $2,500 per year, plus $97 a month

To move onto module 4, can you guess what we needed? we think you’ve guessed it, and yes we had to overcome another barrier! This time we were told to schedule a Skype call with a SFM business strategist. This person will interview us and then decide if we are credential candidates for an upgrade to their elite membership.

To overcome this barrier we were going to get the code after the Skype call, so we could move onto module 4.

With a great deal of frustration, we went ahead and booked this Skype call with a lot of hope. But the earliest date we were able to book was 10 days away. There was nothing we could do to bring this forward, so sat tight and waited for the day to come.

During this waiting period, we had a lot of time to think and reflect on why we joined SFM. All the reasons we joined for, never got fulfilled. This is where we started to lose hope and realized we won’t be getting anywhere with SFM and instead forking out thousands of dollars.

We started doing more research on SFM to know what others thought and we came across many shockingly negative reviews, and most were complaints of the hefty fees, constant barriers during the training and the so many up sells they have, up to an upgrade costing you $20,000 for SFMs DEA Black Membership.

There was one particular review where one person mortgaged their house to pay $20,000 to SFM for their Black Digital Expert Academy (DEA) Membership. This person was not successful and they did not make any money and ended up going into further debts. They wanted to get a refund, but was denied as per the T&Cs;!

This is where we made our “U” turn and ran a mile away from SFM before anything crazy like this happened to us! We continued our search for a making money online program, and FINALLY we came across this BRILLIANT platform. Its cost was a tiny fraction compared to SFM with ALL the education and support needed to start and run a successful online business, without any barriers or blockages!

You go through the lessons at your own pace. Most importantly, they had a free starter membership (YES, ZERO cost), where you will be learning EVERYTHING to run a successful business. If you wanted to take your business to the highest point, then there is ONLY ONE optional up sell to their premium membership, which costs $49 per month or an annual cost of $495. Now compare that with $20,000 (Crazyyyy!)

Why SFM was not suitable for us?

Three main reasons:

  1. Shockingly expensive without the value for money
  2. Too many barriers – we could not at our own pace and felt very controlled by SFM
  3. Too many up sells costing an arm and leg, without a guarantee of earning any of it back

Is SFM for you?

YES, if you have tens of thousands of dollars, a lot of patience, love up sells and you intend to promote SFM products only, then go ahead and join SFM. Otherwise, stay clear of them and try this practical program which will enable to actually succeed in the online world.

Join here and we will see you on the other side where there is a wealth of knowledge, information and instant support from the like-minded community members, who will support you every step of the way to make your dreams come true.

We sincerely wish you all the best for future success.

Please feel free to write a comment, query or question you may have (that we didn’t cover) in the comments box below, and we’ll get back to you. Have a pleasant day 🙂

Habib and Rani

42 thoughts on “Is The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) a Scam or What? – Our personal experience”

  1. I have been a SFM member for 6 months last year and I think SFM is a scam because they promise to teach you everything about online business with All-in membership (97$/month), but in reality they don’t teach you anything with this basic membership. They only guide you to be an affiliate for them and teach you how to build a website to advertise sfm program. I went through all 3 learning paths in the All-in membership, and they are crap. Only lost money and time. Now switched to another program.

    So if you want to be an affiliate for SFM, basic membership is fine. If you really want to learn something about online business, be ready to spend a lot of money with sfm.

    • Hello Alex,

      Thank you for your detailed feedback. To be honest, we had a similar experience as yourself. So, just like yourself, we went and signed up for another program which offer a fantastic learning platform and community and help you succeed in the online with, with a fraction of the price to SFM.

      I hope your are doing well with your new online platform.

      All the best


  2. I think SFM is a good way to earn an income online. I’m getting emails from their top marketers and it seems like they are doing very well. The problem with SFM is, in my opinion, in the price structure. It’s just too expensive for beginners. I was at my beginning when I got in contact with them. In any case, great review and thanks for shedding some light on this company.

    • Hi Ivan,

      Thank you for your feedback and sharing your personal experience. we were too getting many automated emails from SFM when we first joined them. The interesting think about SFM is that, even after speaking to the real people there or attending their training, you don’t learn anything concrete other than just their random stories and hypes. Anyway, we wish you all the luck if you do decide to join them. Hopefully, you get to earn your money back.

      All the best

      Habib and Rani

  3. This post is such an eye opener about SFM’s. I do try and stay clear of such groups however, it is difficult nowadays with the constant ‘in your face’ adverts about how to make a million overnight and make money from home etc.
    I am happy with Wealthy Affiliate as it is so legit and feels like a very safe community.
    Thanks for sharing this Rani.

    • You are absolutely right! It’s so hard to differentiate what is real and what’s fake these days as these adverts are fully sugar coated and make believe! I’m so glad too that we’ve found the legit platform of Wealthy Affiliate, where you can get all the training and support you need to succeed in the online business world, and with a fraction of the price compared to SFM.

      Wishing you all the success


  4. It didn’t take to many paragraphs into your review to realize this was not a program for me.
    Thanks for taking the time to warn us and provide a good alternative.

  5. Hi Habib & Rani,

    That’s a lot of money!! I came across a leads generation program before that had actual testimonials and proven testimonials. However it required a lot of upfront costs as well, like the one you went through! I’m glad you managed to get yourself out. Some of these ‘mentors’ program online are just not it.

    There was a video I had to watch to understand what was leads was and how it can help us ‘earn money exponentially’. I thought it was an interesting model. So I had a call over the phone and was told to transfer the money first even before anything else. The thing was, he could still lower down the prices to a point I went, are you serious? But yeah I went with my guts, said no, and thank God it led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thanks for the sharing! It’s a great one.


    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your thorough feedback on this review. I am glad you did not get ‘scammed’ by the companies who are actually not scams but their pricing can make you bankrupt!!

      I’m so grateful to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

      All the very best.

  6. Hey again!
    As a person who is quite familiar with the Six Figure Mentors, I quite enjoyed reading a different point of you.
    I can say that I agree with a lot that you’re sharing in this article.
    You’ve done a great job introducing the program to your readers.
    Well done, as usual!

    • Hi Boryana,

      Thank you for your feedback. we really wanted to help others who want to sign up under big companies online, not knowing what they are really going for for. We are really grateful to be part of the Wealthy Affiliate and know that there are no upsells, instead you can be a free member for life and build a successful business online.

      Kind Regards

  7. Hi Habib and Rani,
    Many thanks for this informative review of SFM.

    It’s always refreshing to hear from someone who has experienced firsthand dealing with a company like this.

    Thanks for alerting us to what could be a really costly venture.

    • Hi Omer,

      You are welcome!
      We don’t want anyone else to go through what we experienced.

      Thank you for you kind words and feedback.

      All the best


  8. In 2016 I nearly joined six figure mentors as I was looking for a way to make money online.
    I also so the huge cost which made me not go to them.
    Thank you for revealing the truth to us here. I am shocked that they have so many upsells and focus on their own product, that is like a pyramid scheme to me.

    I am happy I stayed clear of them back then. Thank God.

  9. Hello Habib and Rani,
    This is a very interesting and useful article. I read the article twice so as to understand what is your exact advice. It happened with me with another company and I paid about 1400 dollars to join, I mean you buy products from it to join. I did not make any money because no one wants to pay a lot to join any company.
    I am happy that I found Wealthy Affiliate. For me, it is the best and it is affordable.
    Wishing you all the best

    • Hi Rania,

      Lovely to meet you 🙂

      You are absolutely right. No one wants to OR should be spending thousands of dollars to get a training like the Wealthy Affiliate offers to start your online business successfully.
      Many Thanks for your humble opinion in this matter.
      All the very Best

  10. So let me get this straight. They have to charge over $20,000 for the highest membership and there is a monthly payment too? Here is the thing. If people had this kind of money, they probably would not be trying to make money online anyway. These people sound like dishonest people. Terms and conditions that fit the definition of stealing money sounds a bit rude. Anyways, I appreciate your honest review about SFM. Thanks you for providing helpful and valuable content letting others know that there are much better places to spend time and money than on SFM. All the best for your honesty! David.

    • Yes David, this is exactly what happens at SFM. And you are right, if someone had this kind of money then why would you need to make money in the first place!? This is like ripping someone off who is already vulnerable, right!
      Honesty is the best policy in my opinion.
      We are so grateful to be part of the lovely community of the Wealthy Affiliate which enable us to make money on a practical basis rather than pumping us with illusions of being rich! lol

      Many thanks for you feedback.


  11. My word! It’s shocking that a company can charge so much and promise so much but deliver so little. I would definitely avoid SFM now I know of your experiences, especially when there are genuine places like Wealthy Affiliate, where there is no NO comparison. Its a fantastic place to learn and earn money online.

    Thank you for sharing.


    • You are welcome Rodney.
      Yes same! Wealthy Affiliate is the place of be at if you are serious about having a digital lifestyle.

      Thanks for sharing your views.


    • Yes Catherine, the price was one of the many reasons why we had to opt-out from SFM. However we are so happy and grateful to be part of the amazing community of Wealthy Affiliate, where you can actually make money without spending any money and stay as a free member for life.

      Thank you for your views.


  12. It´s crazy you guys had so much patience! I probably would have lost my head!
    I tried some online companies a few years ago, and was scammed big time. Good that you guys share your story so others won´t fall into this trap!

    Keep doing the work

  13. You have really opened up my eyes about the Six figuire Mentors (SFM). I will stay well away from programmes like these. I know that not many people have enough money that’s why they look for the alternatives. But on a platform like SFM where you have to mortgage your home to be part of the business is a big no no for me!

    • Hi Ambia. Happy to know that you feel more knowdgable reading our post on Six Figure Mentors (SFM). We shared our journey with SFM and how we came to realisation that it wasn’t for us. We are so glad to be part of Wealthy Affiliate, where people can join for free and stay a free member for life if they wish to and still make money online.
      Good luck

  14. Oh dear me Mr Habib and Rani! I can’t believe my eyes, things like that can happen to people online. I am so glad and grateful to have landed with the Wealthy Affiliate. Otherwise what if I first saw the SFM’s super shiny adverts?! You’ve opened my eyes. I will be extra careful next time. Well done on raising people’s awareness.

    • We are here to raise awareness so nobody falls for traps like that! We’ve been there and don’t want anyone else to get themselves into a massive trouble like many people already have. We will continue to share our recommendations to make sure that you are making informed decisions about your online business platform.

      All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  15. I want to thank you for this post, as you have confirmed my suspicions. I knew SFM charged thousands but wasn’t sure if it was worth it. Now I know what they charge thousands for and it’s nothing special. Thank you for making myself and others like me aware of this via your very own experience.


  16. My Gosh, SFM can cost a lot of money and if you don’t read the small print could cost a lot!!!! Thanks for bringing the true costs/fees to my attention Habib.

    Thanks, Glynis

  17. Reading your review of Six Figure Marketing’s program was refreshing because it made it once again very clear I made the right choice going with Wealthy Affiliate.
    There are people that can come up with that kind of cash for a system. You didn’t want to call it a scam which is admirable, but part of your description was that you paid got no training then paid more for the up-sell and still got no training. That doesn’t sound like a legitimate marketing system to me.
    I’m no lawyer but maybe one will take a good look at them. If someone takes out another loan on their house they can’t afford because of the emotional pull of making it big in business it is no one’s fault but the homeowner.
    I believe in buyer beware, but I wouldn’t want that kind of reputation in a company. Glad you two got out before they drained you. My experience with companies like this one you describe is that up-sells continue until you run out of money.
    You have to offer good value and deliver the product you promised or you won’t last long.

    • Yes, you have made the right choice to go with wealthy affiliate, they are our number one recommendation because they deliver everything as they state and at a tiny fraction of the price. Also there is no up sells other thank the only one to their premium membership from their FREE starter membership. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

    • You are very welcome Mario. Too many people just don’t have any idea about the good and bad programs out there. Our objective is to show the true reflection through our very own experience of which ones are truly good and which programs can cost you. We know you will love wealthy affiliate, our number 1 recommended program. All the best.

      Habib and Rani


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