Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What? – Our personal experience

Wealthy Affiliates Review – Let’s Dive into It

There are many online Affiliate Marketing programmes and courses out there that claim to “make you big bucks” online. But to tell you the truth, not all of them are what they claim to be (so please be careful of them).

Personally, we (myself and my wife) went through a number of them (read our story here) and all of them resulted in 0% income and instead we lost a lot of our money. Then we came across Wealthy Affiliates.

We did our comprehensive research and read many reviews, but came across nothing substantially that was negative, which itself was a surprise to us. But, still we joined with caution (because of our past experiences with other scamming Affiliate Marketing programmes) and signed up to the Starter Membership, which was totally risk free as it did not cost anything (totally FREE for life). The rest is history – read our journey to Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliates?

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform, where you can learn and build your  online business for FREE. They have all the latest tools, technology and software, such as WordPress, SiteRubix, Jaaxy etc to help you learn, build, manage and grow your online businesses centrally from one place (which is your wealthy affiliate account). They even host your websites and provide you with two FREE Domains/URLs.

Since 2005, Wealthy Affiliate has helped over 1 million people like you and me to become successful online entrepreneurs (that’s quite an achievement, wouldn’t you say) and many of us in this community are making a six figure or more income in the online industry at the moment.

So, is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?

If you have any reservation or thoughts, whether Wealthy Affiliate is a Scam or not, hey, we wouldn’t blame you (as the Internet is crawling with many scams) because it’s difficult sometimes to separate the Good from the Bad.

If you were asking us or anybody else as a matter of fact we think you’ll always get the answer to be a big fat NO! They are one of the best Affiliate Marketing sites we’ve worked with since January 2018 to date, and to be honest they have made us to be SUCCESSFUL, and no other Affiliate programme has been able to do that!

Also, the fact they give their Starter Membership as free for life to anyone, very strongly answers the question and is evident enough.

Who is Wealthy Affiliates For?

Wealthy Affiliate is suitable for beginners to the advanced users, it really doesn’t matter as you will get to LEARN EVERYTHING. If you don’t have a business or website you will get to build one, on the other hand if you are someone who already has successful businesses running then you can take your businesses to the next level, which you thought was not possible. The possibilities are endless really.

To put it into one word, it is for EVERYONE, any level of experience (you don’t have to be tech savvy), any age or gender. You can use your smartphone, tablet, PC and laptop to work from. We personally use our laptop and tablets mostly as we love traveling, hence we can work on our business from anywhere around the world, just need Internet connection and we’re in business. IT IS OUR LAPTOP LIFESTYLE and we LOVE IT.

Is Wealthy Affiliate really WORTH it?

The answer in short is YES! 🙂

The whole Affiliate Marketing programme in Wealthy Affiliate is very comprehensive, even as a Starter Member and it helps you set up your online business from the very beginning to the end where you are actually generating an income. The unique thing about their membership is that you can remain a Starter Member for life without having to pay a penny, but get all the benefits that comes with it. One of the greatest benefit is, you get not one but 2 FREE Domains/URLs (to start building your websites).

However, if you want extra learning, support and many other benefits, which will all lead to more bigger bucks, then we highly recommend the premium membership, which is $49 per month or $359 per year. But do remember, you do NOT have to upgrade, the choice is yours. It is way cheaper than many other companies and it is the most effective company we have ever come across, as Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t only make ’empty promises’ for success, but it actually helps you get there every stop of the way by teaching and supporting you with the right tools and methods.

Here is the comparison of the two types of membership at Wealthy Affiliate:

The FREE Lessons from Wealthy Affiliate

Through all the super effective and easy to follow lessons, which comes in the form of video and text tutorials (pick your preference) and hands on support from the community, we have made it a SUCCESS, and we genuinely believe you can too.

The picture below gives an overview of the contents of the FREE lessons, which you can start on straightway after signing up to the FREE Starter Membership.

What else do you get from Wealthy Affiliate?

The community is like a FAMILY!

The community within Wealthy Affiliate is amazingly helpful – you never have to struggle with anything because all you got to do is ask other members (that’s including the two big BOSSES) and your questions will be answered within seconds. We feel we’re part of a very big family and the mum and dad (well, only dads) are Kyle and Carson (the two owners), as they genuinely help you on a practical basis.

What we also love about Wealthy Affiliate is that there is no hierarchy of roles here, everybody is there to help/support each other to succeed, even the daddies (Kyle and Carson)!

Does Wealthy Affiliate Live Up To The HYPE?

Yes, we are living proof, along with its current 1.7 million or more current members whom are learning, creating, managing and growing our businesses with Wealthy Affiliate. It can work for you too if you’re willing to commit yourself to consistent learning and applying the knowledge to your website practically to move forward in your business.

The courses and lessons are designed to learn at your own pace, no one will pressure you to complete a lesson by a particular date. At Wealthy Affiliate they understand everybody is different and have various other commitments, hence it has been beautifully designed to accommodate all individuals from all walks of life. You can learn in the morning, afternoon, evening or if you want even during the night for as long as you want.

Four Simple Steps, but SMART Success

Are There Any Upsells After Joining?

One of the best positives about Wealthy Affiliate is how transparent they are with everything, there is no hidden agenda or charges (like many other companies we experienced with had).

Once you join and get a taste of your starter membership, and you are truly serious about taking your business to the next height, then the ONLY upsell is to upgrade your account to a premium membership (but like we said, the choice is yours, you can stay on the starter membership for life should you choose to).

Other than that there is NO MORE UPSELLS FOR ANYTHING. This is one of the reasons we love Wealthy Affiliate so much, they are honest and transparent in all means (they are as it says on the tin).

First Month Premium Membership Bonus Discount

When you feel you want to taste the Premium Membership, you can do so for a very reduced fee of ONLY $19 instead of the regular fee of $49. Within that month if you don’t like the taste of the Premium Membership, you can downgrade to the FREE Starter Membership and pay no fees. It’s a WIN/WIN situation.

Our Final Take

The software and tools such as WordPress, Jaaxy, SiteRubix, as well as the lessons and the amazing family of community that provide the support is effective enough to enable you to become successful in the online world. But like we said before, the commitment and determination is all down to you (that is the reality of life), and you know it!

Personally, we will highly recommend checking the Wealthy Affiliates free contents out by signing up FREE HERE, before committing yourself to the premium membership. That’s how we became premium members. We made the decision and we don’t regret one bit of it. Every penny of our premium membership is well spent here. If you have a burning desire to make BIG MONEY online, then in our honest and humble opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the NUMBER ONE choice. But of course the decision is yours. We hope we’ve given you a good insight in making an informed decision and would love to see you on the other side (the better side 🙂 ). We wish you all the best.

Please feel free to write a comment, query or question you may have (that we didn’t cover) in the comments box below, and we’ll get back to you. Have a pleasant day 🙂 .

Habib and Rani

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54 Replies to “Is the Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What? – Our personal experience”

  1. Hi Habib and Rani, I have to agree with everything that you have said about Wealthy Affiliate. There just isn’t anything else out there that comes even close to it. I can say so many great things about them but that would just be repeating what you have already covered. You made an excellent decision when accepting their offer to be properly trained and learn how to actually make it in the online world!

    Good for you.


    1. Hi Brian

      There is still too many people out there that have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and one of our main focus of our website is to reach out to people, who are looking to start an online business, or existing business owners that can take their business to the next level. The amazing thing is they don’t even have to be a tech savvy.

      All the best

      Habib and Rani

    1. Hi Adam

      You’re spot on. Just to expand on that, the wealth we are carrying is on the smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. These devices can be used for so much more, whether you want to learn and educate yourself or start your own online business with a global customer base at your finger tips (currently 3.75 billion people).

      Have a good day Adam.

      Habib and Rani

  2. that was a great review on wealthy affiliate. I like the way you have explained it to the beginners. I was a starter member but recently joined as a premium member. After reading your post, I am so happy with my decision to be a premium member of WA. The more I explore it the more I enjoy it.
    Thanks for sharing,

    1. Hi Akbar

      Welcome to the great community. You will love your journey thoroughly with us. The premium membership has a lot to offer. It does get very exciting when you see your business grow in a very short time (and right on your screen).

      If you need anything give me shout here or within the wealthy affiliate community.

      Best wishes

      Habib and Rani

  3. Hi Habib and Rani,

    Really enjoyed reading about your journey with Wealthy Affiliate, sounds so interesting. Loved the humour as well, makes it fun to read.

    1. Hi Glynis

      So happy to hear you enjoyed reading about our journey to Wealthy affiliate. It is one of the best affiliate marketing programmes we have come across online. And we have been through quite a few to say and understand this. We are willing to help anyone who visits our site who is willing to commit and release their true potential.

      Hope you have a great day.

      Habib and Rani 😃

    1. Hi Alan

      We are glad you’ve found it very informative. Our aim is to help as many people as we can to realise their true potential and educate them on helping to start their own online business. The opportunities online are vast and it’s on the increase. Happy to hear you enjoyed the humour.

      Thanks for visiting our site. All the best

      Habib and Rani

  4. I heard that this hosting is fast but does it protect my site from spams? Since I have many problems with my current provider and when I ask about it, they don’t even give an answer for my problems.

    1. Hi Furkan

      The hosting offered by wealthy affiliate is the best we have experienced. They offer SSL and spam protection as a free standard on their premium membership. It is very fast indeed. Also you’re never alone, you’ve got the entire community to help you including the two big bosses.

      Throw me a message if you need anymore help.

      Habib and Rani

  5. Wealthy Affiliate is truly worth it. I was a bit skeptical myself before joining this amazing community, even after reading the excessive amount of positive reviews on the net, I thought they were paid. But after joining and getting to know the platform, I was hooked after my first two weeks. Premium is worth it and at a price of 19$, if you sign up in the first 7 days, it is really a bargain deal. You can even stay free without spending a dime and start developing your own website, but premium really takes you to the next level.

    1. Spot on John, sometimes when we discover something so great it is quite natural for one to be sceptical. I can see you’re loving it as much as we are.

      Our advise to anyone visiting our site is to do the research just like we did. Our site will help you to be part of this research and guide you as required. All the best

      Habib and Rani

  6. Wealthy Affiliate has taught me EVERYthing. Here’s the thing. If you’re a person who wants to make money online and you’re serious about starting an affiliate marketing business, then you need training. I don’t care what kind of job you’re in, you have to have some sort of training to learn the trade. And then you have to practice that training until you get good at it.

    Wealthy Affiliate is that perfect training platform. I love how they take you step-by-step through absolutely everything that you need to know. If someone out there is reading this and you’re thinking you want to make a change in your life, there’s 0 reason not to try with Wealthy Affiliate. You even get to try it before you buy it.

    If you’re serious about making an online income, you HAVE to invest in your training and in yourself.

    1. Hi Christina, we couldn’t agree with you more. We hope our website gives our visitors that help to break down any barriers that’s stopping them to start there online venture and get the right education for it with the right company. Thanks for visiting, hope to see you here again. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  7. Your right, there many different programs out there claim to do this or that. And. I have probably tried them al over 10 year period now. BUt Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best. It’s an education that far exceeds most colleges, when it comes to building sites and affiliate marketing.

    1. We’ve also seen our fair share of these poor programs, making high claims, but have stuck to Wealhty Affiliate as it gives ample education and tools, to allow one to start their online business. Our aim is to help people realise the help is here for them, even if they have no prior computer knowledge. All the best

      Habib and Rani

  8. Great job on this review brother. I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and highly agree that they indeed DO live up to the hype, and that’s difficult to say about other programs that can’t even deliver on the messages they send. The fact that it offers a free trial and you have unlimited support makes this a no-brainer if you ask me. Thanks for this article!

    1. Thank you Brandon. It certainly does live up to to the hype as we have proved. You’re right about many other programs failing to live up to this kind of standard. Here at our aim is to educate and support people. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  9. I enjoyed reading your down to earth honest review. For people wanting to join Wealthy Affiliate this sounds like a really great opportunity for you to start your business and judging by the read of this review, you’d not lose anything as you would still get benefits even if you didn’t upgrade and you would only need to upgrade when and if YOU felt you were ready to move on up the ladder. Words for thought there people.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is a great opportunity, it’s a win win situation. You were spot on to say, that if you don’t think it’s for you then you are not obliged to stay or upgrade. You can simply carry on with your business for FREE. You know where we are when you are ready to join Shazida. All the best

      Habib and Rani

    1. Hi Martin, Thank you for your kind comment, and we are very happy to hear that as a result of our review your are very interested to join. We look forward to meeting you inside wealthy affiliate, where we will help and guide you. All the best

      Habib and Rani

  10. Dear Habib,
    I have heard so lot about the wealthy Affiliate but just being skeptical as not to make a wrong decision. With the little time I have known you and having read through your testimonies , I will say I am giving it a Go. Thank you for introducing this to me.
    Regards to Rani.

    1. Dear Adetola, don’t worry you’re not alone, we were skeptical too at the beginning, but soon overcame all that when we realised how amazing Wealthy Affiliate is as a platform where you learn and create your online business. We are very happy to have you on bored and all we can say is you will not regret it. See you on the other side.

      Habib and Rani

  11. I like how Wealthy Affiliate is not promoting “fast money”! Seems like they simply show you ways how money is made in the internet but like every other job, this involves work!

    Honesty, that´s why it´s so great I guess.


    1. Hi Manny, If anyone is advertising “fast money”, then one should assume straightaway that it’s not legit or it’s misleading. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything, I totally agree with you. All the best to you.

      Rani and Habib

    1. Thank you Marcela, and you are very welcome. We hope our visitors get help from our post, as our intention is to provide honest information to help you and everyone else, so you can make your own decision.

      Rani and Habib

    1. Thank you Sharon, you are absolutely spot on there. The learning culture at Wealthy Affiliate is fantastic. Then again if the bosses (Kyle and Carson) are so humble and welcoming then we are bound to be in a place we are at. Like they say “likes attract likes!” I feel we just continue to support each other to the massive success that is surely and truly our way in the affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate.

      Habib and Rani

  12. Hi,
    I’m glad that info about wealthy affiliate is spread out to all people because it is great! I can say that I’ve joined them a couple of months and I learned a lot of knowledge.
    I think that I will bookmark your page for more info, as it is very informative.

    1. Hi Stefan,

      Like we mentioned in the post, we feel we’ve come to the right platform after trying many other so called “quick get rich” companies. I genuinely feel humbled by the sincerity and willingness to support each other within the Wealthy Affiliate community, and there is so much to learn here as you said. Many Thanks

      Habib and Rani

  13. My personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate has been pretty positive. It really helped me stick with affiliate marketing until I started to see some earnings, which was really helpful!

  14. Hi Habib and Rani,

    I must say, I came to your site wanting to read a post on acne, but this one caught my eye. I agree with you guys on this one completely, and am proud to be a part of Wealthy Affiliate.

    My favorite part is that you can learn at your own pace. It’s all up to you, really.

    All the best wishes to you both. 🙂

    Your Barista

    1. Hi Barista,

      Wealthy Affiliate is something amazing to catch ones eye straightaway. We appreciate you having a read and agreeing with us completely. You are right in saying, with Wealthy Affiliate you can learn at your onw pace, but also for FREE as a starter member.

      All the best

      Habib and Rani

  15. Hi, you have given me excellent ideas of how to make money online. I want to learn about how to make money online, can you please give me more ideas? You have given me alot of knowledge from this post. Thank you


    1. Dear Sofia,

      Thank you for liking our post ‘Is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or What?”. We have shared our personal and genuine online affiliate marketing experience here. You can JOIN Wealthy Affiliate HERE, where not only us but many many other like minded members will support you to make money online successfully. You will not regret your decision if you are serious about earning millions through affiliate marketing , as many members at Wealthy Affiliate are earning currently.

      We look forward to meeting you on the other side and very much interested in reading your success story. Best of luck.

      Habib and Rani

    1. Hi Tasleem,
      Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate. we can assure you that you’ve come to the right platform to turn your dreams into reality. Please CLICK HERE to join Wealthy Affiliate. All you need is a clear vision and perseverance. Just send us a message on Wealthy Affiliate page if you require further support. You won’t lack in support here from the helpful community here at Wealthy Affiliate, including the 2 big bosses. We are excited for your success in advance. Kind Regards 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for this post. I have learnt a lot about wealthy affiliate from you. I heard of them in the past but wasn’t sure if there were legit or not. You’ve given me that peace of mind. I’m going to join via this post. Thanks alot.


    1. We truly believe there is a ‘right time’ for everything. You can still be a billionaire, it’s in your hands only. Keep following the lessons and moving forward with your affiliate marketing business. Good luck

      Habib and Rani

  17. It’s always hard to know who to trust online and who not to. I have read quite a few contents of yours here on your website, and feel like you are giving genuine advice. As I just read about the Wealthy Affiliate that it is free to join and that you can be a free member for life without having the pressure of up-sells. I feel I have come to the right platform and be part of amazing people like yourselves. I cannot begin to imagine how amazing the Wealthy Affiliate community will be as you mentioned in your post. You also gained success which shows it’s not a scam after all. Many many thanks for directing many of us to the right platform who are serious about setting up a successful business online and make 6 figure and more online. I need to sit down and make up a plan about what business I am going to do and steps of achieving it. I am truly grateful to you both.

    1. Many thanks for visiting our website and reading our posts with much intetest. We give genuine advice here at
      We believe being successful and healthier is a choice and anyone making that choice and achieve their goals as long as you are 100% committed and give all that it takes to achieve money and life freedom.
      If we can do it, anyone can.

      You can join by clicking here.

      Please don’t hesitate to ask any further questions you may have.
      Best of luck
      Kind regards

  18. Very genuine and interesting read. It shows that there is still good and genuine platform like the Wealthy Affiliate out there if you are serious about affiliate marketing and making money online.

  19. Can I ask how motivating are the lessons at wealthy Affiliate platform. Are they user friendly? I believe the information has to be motivating itself for a entrepreneur to keep going. I am very much interested in joining the Wealthy Affiliate and found your article interesting and genuine to read. Thank you. Hanah

    1. Dear Hanah. We can totally assure you and we know many members from the Wealthy Affiliate would agree to this that the lessons and learning tools are motivating enough to keep you going and achieving your financial goals. Welcome on board. Please ask if you need further assistance. All members at WA including the bosses are there to ensure your success. But you got to take the first step. Best of luck. Kind regards

      Habib and Rani

  20. Hi. I didn’t know there is actually a genuine platform like the Wealthy Affiliate out there which delivers what it promises to deliver. It’s hard to trust what’s real these days. Thank you for helping many people like myself to inform of the Wealthy Affiliate programme where you can actually make money online.

    1. Hi Amy, you will be surprised how many people have yet to come across a legit and affordable provider to help you make money, like the Wealthy Affiliate. Even we had to go through many other awful and expensive programs before someone introduced the Wealthy Affiliate to us. We hope you enjoy learning and making money online. All the best

      Habib and Rani

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