Learn What is Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide

Affiliate Marketing, FREE for beginners

It is interesting to see how many of us have got no clue about what ‘affiliate marketing’ is, yet most of us are shopping online by clicking on affiliate links.

The most recent and interesting example happened to my very own self only a couple of days ago:

Interesting Visit

I went to see my General Practitioner (GP) for a routine check up. As recently being on a high dose of affiliate marketing, I was desperate to pour out my wisdom of affiliate marketing to anyone and everyone. I was even tempted to convert people I was meeting in the lifts, or colleagues at the reception of a health centre, with whom it would have been very strange to talk about this out of the blue, this was one of the reasons which refrained me from pouring out my excitement, as well as being labelled as ‘nerdy’ (which I think I am, but no one else needs to know that, apart from myself and yourself)!

Shocking Discovery

Anyway, I went to see my GP, who coincidentally happens to be an extremely friendly doctor, and him knowing that I also work in the same field as him, he sometimes even asks ‘ME’, what should he be recommending me in terms of medication! it was very nice and ‘friendly’ of him, but out of friendliness he, I think (in my opinion) forgets that he is the GP not me! Anyway on this occasion, you can imagine what might have happened? OK, I’ll let you visualize, while I explain….

To be honest I was more interested to share ‘our’ (he knows my hubby too) venture of online marketing than getting the routine check up done. As I was telling him, he got more and more excited (as if, it was his own business)! I told him what kind of stuff we were doing, e.g. building a website, writing contents, blogs, reviews etc. He continued listening to me, with full interest and after ten minutes of my ‘hyper active speech’ of affiliate marketing, he interrupted me with the following question…

“Is affiliate marketing something to do with mindset and motivation?” because he is very aware that I have personal interests in these areas. At this very moment I felt I must have been talking in a different language in excitement and I didn’t realise that he hasn’t understood me.

Anyway, after this experience with my GP, it helped me think and I put myself in the GPs shoes (only imagined) that how many other business terms out there do I really know about? If they don’t concern me, would I really be learning about them? My honest answer would be NO! The only time that I’ll actually be looking into something, is, if I have a personal interest or benefit.

I can honestly admit, that I never knew about affiliate marketing until my burning desire to change my lifestyle really encouraged me from within, and hit the Google search engine of “how to make money online”, the rest is history.

So Let’s get into the actual purpose of this article, which is ‘What is Affiliate Marketing’?

Affiliate Marketing is one of the major business idea of the Online World. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other peoples or companies products on your website by reviewing, testing, comparing or via personal recommendation.
Often you’ll need to write blog posts and reviews to discuss pros and cons before publishing them on your website.


Then the next step will be to advertise your website on other social media platforms, such as Google+, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Pinterest and even the old fashion way of word of mouth. Also, Via Google rankings to get the traffic flowing into your website.

Customer Trust

The key to building a customer trust is by giving value to the people who are looking for genuine reviews, recommendations of the products/services they are looking into buying. If you have been honest with your reviews/recommendations and people bought the product(s) via your affiliate link(s) within the review/blog, and they are happy with the product/service, they will come back again and again if they are looking for something else. This is because you have become an authority in the visitors eyes and have built a trust with them. HONESTY PAYS ALWAYS!”

In the online affiliate marketing business you’ll be acting like a ‘middle person’ of the sale and be viewed as a store front of the company’s product you’re promoting.

As part of an affiliate marketers role you’ll be required to be interactive with your visitors and customers to help them with the buying cycle (researching, reading reviews and buying).

In order to generate revenue from the affiliate links, you’ll h

ave various posts/blogs to help and support the people with the buying cycle. You can promote anything, but it’ll be an advantage to promote products and services that you use or have used in the past. This way you’ll have enough knowledge and confidence to support people in the decision-making.

Products can be from any niche, as there are tons people looking for whatever you’re promoting.

You’ll just need to make your contents around the products interesting and interactive in order to convert the searches into sales.

The only expense you’d need to consider is buying a domain (website address) and hosting your website. However, the good news is that if you join our personal tried, tested and recommended, which is wealthy affiliate, where you’ll be able to get not only 1 but two FREE domains (website address) and hosting is also included all for FREE.

Yes, I know it sounds too good to be true – read our full review of wealthy affiliate and you’ll understand further what I mean.

Opportunities in the online world are limitless, so think how much you can do with two free websites.

Generating an income via affiliate marketing would be a dream come true even while you’re sleeping! You can work from anywhere around the world so long you have an internet connection and a technology device (laptop/PC, tablet or even a mobile phone) and you’ll be up and running.

So just to sum up:

Affiliate marketing means you’ll be promoting others products online by writing contents around them. You’ll need a website to do so as this is where you’ll publish it. A business can be setup up for free (just need your time and commitment).

If you are still interested after reading my post 🙂 then give me the honor to help you succeed and make your dream come true. Try Wealthy Affiliate for FREE here.

Here at lifestyletipsandhacks.com we wish you all the best and sincerely want to support you fulfill your dreams of achieving wealth, time and freedom successfully – exactly what we have achieved.

Please leave a comment or any questions you may have for us. We would love to help you out.

Your buddies

Rani and Habib

10 thoughts on “Learn What is Affiliate Marketing – A Beginners Guide”

  1. Nowadays, I find so many fake programs online that I fully understand why most people are unable to trust anyone online.
    But I took a giant leap of faith with Wealthy Affiliate and it worked for me. I am glad to see someone explaining the idea of WA so beautifully. Truthfully, it’s a great program.

    • You are absolutely right there Aparna.
      There are so many fake programs online that almost everyone is skeptical, and when someone says “this one is genuine.”

      But, this is also true that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online platform to help you set up an online business. Wealthy Affiliate has a comprehensive training as well as it’s fantastic online community who offers all the support to make the success happen for you.

      Wishing you all the best

  2. You know I have been looking for an online business forever it seems like. It is really hard to find anything that is not a scam, and doesn’t promise the moon. I like the idea of having the control and selling my own products that I would purchase myself. I went to the Wealthy Affiliate link and looks promising. How long have you been with Wealthy Affiliate and do they make the whole process fairly easy?

    • Yes, it is difficult to find a genuine program that will help you achieve your online business goal. We are happy to tell you Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform we have come across, after being with many other platforms in the past that were not genuine. We have been with them for quite a while now and the process of learning and creating your business is in a step by step guide via lessons in the form of videos and text tutorials. It is aimed for beginners to experts.

      All the best and hoping to see you on the other side after you’ve joined.

      Habib and Rani

  3. I think beginners in affiliate marketing should realize that this is not for everyone. Once you do their research and ask some compelling questions about themselves in relation to running home business. Only then should they seek out a business for themselves and affiliate marketing is it good place to start but you have to put in the work. Furthermore the program recommended in this article is absolutely the place for any beginner I endorse and recommended it whole heartedly.

    • Hi Maurice, Beginners will definetly need the training before starting their own online business. That is the perfect reason why we have recommended Wealthy Affiliate as a beginner or even an advanced person, you will get all levels of training there. Also you would build your website at the same time. The key is to learn and take action straightaway. Thanks for your comment.

      Habib and Rani

  4. I have been involved in many courses over the years with many different people. I recently joined WA and I am really glad that I did. It is by far the best one yet in terms of learning and support. Thanks for blogging about it!

    • That’s great to know, because we have also tried and tested many programmes out there, and they either turned out to be scams or useless. Wealthy affiliate is definitely an unique educational platform that will allow you to start your affiliate marketing business today! All the best


  5. It’s so true that many people don’t understand what affiliate marketing is at all. I started with Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and wanted to put my 2 cents worth in. Their platform gives excellent training, and the support of the community is something I’ve never seen anywhere else online. It works!

    • Yes, too many people are not aware of what affiliate marketing is, we are hoping we can educate our visitors on our site and bring them out of the olden ways of doing business. All the best to you.

      Habib and Rani


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