Lesson 17: How to PRINT the spreadsheet SHOWING the formulas and functions in Excel

In this lesson, I’m going to be showing you how to:

  1. Show all formulas and functions on screen in Excel
  2. Print the spreadsheet showing the formulas and functions in Excel

Go ahead, open the video below and watch the tutorial at your own pace:

If I have not covered everything in this lesson, please leave a comment or your question below and I will get back to you. (you may have to scroll down past other lovely peoples comments)

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Hope you are enjoying your learning 🙂

Habib Ali – ICT Tutor

18 thoughts on “Lesson 17: How to PRINT the spreadsheet SHOWING the formulas and functions in Excel”

  1. This was a great video. I had been having trouble printing out Excel worksheets, always either printing out too much or not what I planned to print. This wil definitely help me!

    • Happy to hear that Christine. Watch lesson 1 – where I explain and demonstrate “Use scale setting to fit to a single sheet when printing”. Hope this helps you further. take care

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  2. I came across how to channel for Microsoft Excel when researching how-to videos to share with my classmates for a master’s in Business Administration. If you don’t mind I would like to share these videos with classmates in our weekly classroom discussions. These videos are very detailed and will help students perform the assignments needed.

    • You are more than welcome to share my video lessons with your class mates. As a matter of fact, one of my maim is to get my video tutorials into schools, colleges and universities for all students to use as a research tool. Thank you and take care.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  3. Very helpful tutorials on showing the formulas and functions on excel, I always have a hard time with this. Really appreciate this training and how great is it that you have 16 others lessons for excel, the one stop shop for getting good at it. Cheers

  4. Hello Habib, I especially like this tutorial. So many times someone sends me a spreadsheet with cool functions and tutorials and it’s hard to figure out what they did. With this I can self train myself by printing out the formulas. Thanks again for thinking outside the box and sharing your secrets with the public.

    You are appreciated!

    • Thank you and you’re very welcome Jamie. Many more cool tips and tutorials are coming your way. Showing formulas on the screen is a great tip.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  5. I did not realize how easy it is to display all of the formulas and functions you use on an excel page. Thank you for making it so clear and showing how easy it is.

  6. Thank you so much for this highly informative article, Habib! Three of my friends just asked me how to do this about 30 minutes ago, and you’ve just made a video/written an article about it! If that isn’t confirmation from God that I need to be on your site right now, I don’t know what is. Haha You did an excellent job of explaining how to print the spreadsheet, as well as how to show the formulas and functions in Excel-very clear, concise, and understandable. I have saved your article and will definitely share it with my friends! God bless you!

    • Thank you so much for such a heart warming message. God is always watching us and he provides for us always. I am here to help anyone and everyone that needs my help via my tutorials and our entire site.

      Showing formulas and functions on the screen is a great way of confirming all your hard work before printing a copy out.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  7. Hi and thanks very much for this.
    I didn’t know about this function. I tend to avoid paper printouts but .pdf’s that show all the formulas on a spreadsheet would often be very useful indeed. Now that I see your lesson 8 I need to check out the IF function as well. I have often stumbled with Excel because I didn’t know how to use that feature.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Great idea Andy, to print all formulas and functions on a paper for reference. I do this for my students and give it to them as a handout.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  8. That is a great video tutorial!

    I would never have found the option to reveal the formulas and functions otherwise.
    I now know exactly where to look and find the option, especially when I need to check that my formulas and functions are correct.

    Thanks you!



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