Lesson 3: Formatting Cells in Excel | Make a Spreadsheet look visually attractive

In this lesson, I’m going to be showing you how to:

  1. Make a Spreadsheet look visually attractive by Formatting Cells, by using:
    1. Font
    2. Font size
    3. Bold
    4. Italic
    5. Underline
    6. Fill color
    7. Font color
    8. Borders
    9. Alignment
    10. Cell styles

Download the Excel file below, and save it onto your computer. So you can complete this lesson with me.

Go ahead, open the video below and watch the tutorial at your own pace:

If I have not covered everything in this lesson, please leave a comment or your question below and I will get back to you. (you may have to scroll down past other lovely peoples comments)

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Hope you are enjoying your learning 🙂

Habib Ali – ICT Tutor

46 thoughts on “Lesson 3: Formatting Cells in Excel | Make a Spreadsheet look visually attractive”

  1. I’ve recently got Mircosoft office for my desktop and this video will actually help me learn and remember some of the things I forgot.

    I like how you have an entire playlist on it.

    • Fantastic news! I surely will help you. If there is anything I haven’t covered. Please do let me know and I will try and cover it in upcoming videos.

      All the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  2. I have learnt two new things today. I know what is that big A and small A for now! Another new thing I learn is the cells style. This cells style really helpful. I have been using excel for work for so long and realise there are still things I don’t know. Excel really powerful. Thank you for your lesson today 🙂

    • Hi Janet,

      This is good to know that you are learning from my Excel lessons and discovering new aspects of it.

      Wishing you all the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  3. Hi Habib, thank you for another greatvideo. I like your videos as they are focused in just one thing at the time and as we progress with the lessons we are getting into more advance stuff. Formatting is just a must in excel. I get a lot of spreadsheet with no format and is just too confusing. I think when you put a nice formatting in place it helps you to visually see the information, highlight what is important. Brings another perspective to the spreadsheet. So well-done. All resources showed are absolutely applicable on our everyday life when using excel.

  4. I think it’s important that the data presented in an excel spreadsheet is visually attractive. I think it can actually assist with understanding of data too when it’s presented well with delineation between figures/data etc and the various categories/factors. If this isn’t clear, looking at a whole lot of text and numbers can be overwhelming. Your article on formatting cells in excel is very useful.

  5. Loved this lesson, Habib. I have always found it very difficult to format cells. In fact, I still can’t figure out how to increase the vertical height of my cells. It’s a very basic question, but I have wasted 2 hours yesterday on this, and I couldn’t find it. Please help.

  6. Hi Habib,

    Thank you for another excellent tutorial!

    You’ve taught us so much with this tutorial, and I absolutely love how easy it is to follow along with you, thanks to your video format. I had seen fancy spreadsheets and have worked off of pre-existing formats, but had no idea (and always wondered) how people actually did so much formatting.

    Thank you for making an extremely complicated program so much less intimidating!

    • Hi Jade,

      It’s amazing to know how people like yourself are benefitting from my Excel tutorials and they are finding them so simple and easy to follow lessons. I am truly humbled! I shall carry on producing more lessons on all areas of Microsoft Excel. Please check my latest lessons on YouTube.

      All the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  7. Hi Habib, thanks for explaining with a great detail how to create cells. Another great tutorial, nice and easy to follow. Keep up great work.

  8. Hi Habib, I spent many years as a freelance software developer and whilst I only use enough functions to get by I have had to in the past modify spreadsheets had many functions included which I wasn’t aware of at the time, even created some VBA to run in the background.

    Excel as come a long way since I started in IT way back in 1989 and such a great app that anybody can learn, you just need to have patience and want to learn more.

    Thank you for sharing this, I feel that after watching your series that I will be able to produce more professional spreadsheets.


  9. It’s fascinating how we rush to get something done and overlook some of the most simple things that we can use to make our life easier. This lesson truly demonstrates that very point. We quickly go to our spreadsheet program and start filling in numbers and many just leave it at that. Adding formatting as you demonstrate in this lesson really helps to see the data more clearly and becomes not only easier to read but also easier to comprehend the date within. Applying colours or just the borders really separate the heading and data. Can’t wait to learn more from your lessons.
    Thank you for your well taught and played out lesson.

    • You are right Rick – many people overlook the formatting features, hence their spreadsheet is not as easy to analyse. Thanks for your thorough feedback.

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  10. Hi Habib. You’ve managed again to make Excel look very easy. I love to use different fonts and colours, so my files look more attractive and the oversight of data is clear. Thanks for your wonderful lesson.
    Keep up your valuable work!
    Greetings, Catherine.

  11. I have been working on various projects for several years now, and I mainly use Excel spreadsheets for transparent financial management. And it seems very important to me that the cells are attractively designed because they are also more beautifully transparent. Thanks for these helpful tips in this lesson, I will be happy to look at the others because I always learn something new and useful in each of your lessons.
    Friendly greeting,

  12. Hello Habib,

    Thank you for demonstrating how to format outputs/tables in excel. As others have said – it is really helpful to see where many of these features are and to realize that you can usually achieve the same thing in more than one way. For example, I had not noticed the ‘A’ buttons next to the font-size drop down menu until you drew our attention to it. Well done.

    One thing I would say is that making a table look attractive is subjective. I personally do not like too many colours because they can also become a distraction. Moreover, the combination of colours used is also important. Now I know this is not an aesthetics class but it helps to be aware of these things otherwise, there is a risk that you alienate some of your readers.

    Best regards

    • Thank you for your feedback Femi – much appreciated.
      You are right to say the design of any spreadsheets is subjective – I have taught the skills for anyone to use and apply the relevant skills as they wish. Take care 🙂

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  13. Habib,
    you have managed to amaze us with the excel spreadsheet reviews and how to make a cell in excel. We have been utilizing this in our school and the platform that you have presented to us in WA has nothing but good comments. Will you be doing more things in excel like making graphs?
    look forward to your next article.


  14. wow
    Honestly you saved my life. This basic information of making cells look good was one I had been looking for since I am putting most of my finance on a spreadsheet and had been struggling with making everything look professional.
    I have bookmarked this post
    Many thanx

  15. This tutorial exceeds my expectations. You’ve really outdone yourself, and I would like to congratulate you for that!

    This is not the most shareable post, but I still shared it on some of my social media accounts. (as a sign of appreciation)

    I’ll also make sure to check out your YouTube channel. I’m sure I’ll find a lot of great content on it. 🙂

    And for last, keep up the good work and stay safe!

    • Thank you for the feedback and sharing the lesson with others, Gorjan. I am sure many would benefit by it.
      Please do check out my YouTube channel, as I currently have 62 lessons on excel there. Take care 🙂

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  16. Thank you so much for another comprehensive tutorial. I have always found Excel overwhelming, because I don’t find it visually appealing, but now I know how to do it. Keep up with the good work 🙂

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your feedback. It’s great to know that you have learnt how to use Excel through my videos.

      Keep going with your learning. You can access more Microsoft Excel videos on my YouTube channel.

      All the best

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  17. Hi Habib, as you might know I have been a graphic designer in my working life. So posts about colors, letters and formatting always get my attention. I am glad there is more possible in that respect than used to be in Excel (I have had the program since the mid 90s of last century, ieiekkk, seems like a long time ago!).

    I don’t have the program anymore, but your valuable lessons can be easily applicated to the Goggle spreadsheets as well. So, well done. 🙂

  18. Hi Habib,

    That was super useful! Formatting cells in excel is a dark matter to me and now I know how to do it. Just wonderful!

  19. Hi Habib,

    I like using bold, italics, and underlined words in Word, and I am glad that you showed us here how to do it in Excel. It is great how you changed that spreadsheet into such a good looking and professional document. I love this!

    • Yes Christine, Formatting can transform a dull looking spreadsheet into a very professional spreadsheet, which can be very powerful and have an impact to potential clients in a business setting.

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  20. Learning about formatting cells in Excel as shown in this lesson was very informative. Once again, you have demonstrated clearly and thoroughly how to perform certain actions in Excel.

    I sure like the way you took a plain, boring spreadsheet and transformed it into a very professional-looking one.

    Thank you for this wonderful lesson.

  21. Thanks for this tutorial to learn how to design the excel format and make the whole document more attractive or super professional. I also like that you take us hand in hand to see different fonts’ possibilities with bold or italic options and the colors. Now, I get the sense of designing an easy-to-read excel report with cell styles function too.

    I learned a lot today. Thanks, Habib!

    • You’re very welcome Matt. A spreadsheet will only look professional if it is formatted to a professional level. Clients will be attracted to visually good looking spreadsheets. Happy to hear you have learnt a lot today. Take care 🙂

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  22. Hi, Item #9 on Alignment is super. I have always had an issue with getting it all setup. I have seen other spreadsheets but yours is by far the easiest to understand and learn from.

    I am going to read Lesson #4 right now.

    • Hi Rob and thank you for the compliment.
      Alignment in excel is super, as you can align horizontally and vertically within the cell.
      Currently, I have 62 lessons on excel on my website and YouTube channel. Feel free to complete them all. All the best 🙂

      Habib (ICT tutor)


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