Lesson 6 – What is the COUNT & COUNTA function, and how to insert them in Excel?

In this lesson, I’m going to be showing you how to:

  • Understand, what a COUNT function is
  • Insert a COUNT function
  • Understand, what a COUNTA function is
  • Insert a COUNTA function

Go ahead, open the video below and watch the tutorial at your own pace:

If I have not covered anything in this lesson, please leave a comment or your question below and I will get back to you. (you may have to scroll down past other lovely peoples comments)

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Hope you are enjoying your learning 🙂

Habib Ali – ICT Tutor

34 thoughts on “Lesson 6 – What is the COUNT & COUNTA function, and how to insert them in Excel?”

  1. Habib, thank you again for another interesting lesson. I like that they are quick and get straight to the point of the lesson. The examples are good and well laid out. One or two formulas per lesson aren´t going to overload the brain too much but it definitely makes things clearer, at least in my own head!

    • Hi Susan,

      That’s the idea, i don’t want to overload you with too much information in one video. I try to do as best as I can to keep the steady pace going.

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  2. Hi Habib,
    I never would have a guess or figure out this myself that you need to use a function called COUNTA instead of COUNT.
    It definitely will come handy for my business.


    • Yes Benson – COUNT on its own would only count numbers in a range, therefore COUNTA function is required. A lot of people struggle with this. Glad it will come handy for you.

      Habib (ICT tutor)

  3. Hi Habib,
    This is a very interesting video. You are really a good teacher because you explain everything from A to Z. I studied excel a few years ago and uses it in my work, You reminded me of some information. Besides, I learned new ideas.
    Wishing you great success in your business

  4. I am useless at this stuff so all these guides are really helpful, and step by step in nature. I am certainly learning from them and also about things I did not know exsisted! Thanks for sharing, Phil

  5. Hi Habib. This was a great tutorial. Your explanation of the difference between COUNT and COUNTA made it really easy to understand. Thank you.

    • Hi Samantha, it is my job to explain the functions and breakdown any complicated terminology, so that everyone can benefit and learn easily by following my tutorials.

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  6. Dear Habib
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their proper understanding of Microsoft Office programs and their value for everyone. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    • Thank you Audrey for such beautiful words. I’m happy to hear you like our website. I always try my best to teach or demonstrate skills of all Microsoft office package – here I’m showing and explaining how the count and counta function works. Feel free to share with your family and friends. Take care

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

    • Like yourself many others are also only aware of the COUNT function, which only counts the cells with numbers in. But when it comes to count the cells which contain text you must use the COUNTA function. A tiny difference, but it makes a huge difference. Take care

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  7. I use a lot count function on a daily basis but haven’t used counta yet. Very practical video and I see you have a lot of training here about other excel functions, which is amazing. It is a great tool but we don’t use even 10% I’d say of it all. Thank you for sharing.

    • Counta is very useful, when you have an inventory or something similar that needs counting automatically regardless of what type of information the cell contains. Many people don’t use excel with its true functions – they just use the basics.

      I will be having many more tutorials like this one, but I recommend you start from lesson 1, to make the most of my tutorials.


  8. Very interesting and informative article. I haven’t been using a spreadsheet in a long time but your article comes handy as I could learn something new or maybe remind myself of these excel functions (count and counta ). I’ll definitely make time for this.

    Thank you so much


    • The functions count and counta, will help you count the number of items for you automatically instead of you having to do it manually. If the number of items change it will automatically recalculate for you. It’s amazing!

      Glad you are learning something new. Many more tutorials to come yet. Regards

      Habib (ICT Tutor)

  9. Hi Habib

    I’m also a frequent user of MS Excel and I’m familiar with the functions you have posted here, but in times there are functions that we use frequently and functions that we use on special cases.

    This post reminds me of those functions that I don’t normally use and I’m happy that you have reminded me of that.

    Thank you for this information.


  10. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! I have used Excel numerous times in the past, though I, oddly enough, have never used the Count or Counta function (at least not to my knowledge). You did an excellent job of breaking down what the functions are, what they do, as well as how to do them. I greatly appreciate thorough explanations of how to implement these functions into my everyday Excel life (some “how-to” articles are rushed, don’t make sense, and leave readers with more questions than answers). I have saved your article and will definitely share it with my friends and family. God bless you!

    • Thank you for your very kind words – I always do my best to explain any given skill before demonstrating to my viewers how to implement it – understanding is the key to true knowledge. God bless you too. Take care


  11. Hi, this is very interesting. I use Excel a great deal for work and I am quite accustomed to using the sum, power and average functions but I have never encountered the count or counta function. I could see how it would be useful particularly for people who have inventory held in Excel tables. I am using Excel more and more for financial simulations so it is good for me to check out the programming capabilities. I suspect it is a more powerful piece of software than I have hitherto considered.
    Thanks for this eye-opener
    Best regards

    • The Count function works wonders to list counts of any kind – many people are not aware of this hence don’t use the count and counta function.

      Most don’t even know that, there is a big difference between the 2 cunt functions. Thanks for your comment.


  12. Hi Habib,

    Thank you for an informative presentation, one which is extremely useful to me.

    It’s been a number of years since I’ve used excel, but I’ve recently started producing spreadsheets, etc. for work.

    I’ve been going through some of my old notes, but to be honest it’s far easier to just follow your guidance here.

    Thanks for helping me out and keep up the great work.


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