Our Journey to Wealthy Affiliates

Our journey to Wealthy Affiliate is a bit like a Disney story, so here it goes…

The Beginning of our Online Venture 

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a gorgeous girl and a very handsome guy who were happened to be married to each other. They both had very rewarding jobs, however they had a very keen interest in the business world, and they have been looking around for opportunities both online and the real world. They took some shiny lookalike opportunities, but they happened to be disastrous financially and mentally. They learnt a great deal from those experiences and have promised to help others not fall for these quick get rich schemes.

Success of Motivational Videos

One day the girl or let’s say the Mrs, she was listening to a motivational video of Tony Robbins on YouTube as she is very much into meditation, motivational stuff, healthy eating, exercise, mindful living, and the list goes on (actually the list is endless). Anyway, whilst she was listening to the video, an advert popped up about how you can start a business online and have all the money and freedom to travel the world (both Mr and Mrs love traveling). So she watched the full video of this advert (surprisingly!) and she was totally sold out to the idea, so she forwarded the advert video to her Mr, who didn’t watch the video of course, as the man has better things to do in life, such as watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and all of the (well most of it) horror, thriller movies in his spare time.

The Mr was Sceptical

The Mrs did ask him a few times regarding this video, but the man was sceptical about it and therefore continued to watch The Walking Dead series. The Mrs left it at that because if the Mr was not too sure then the Mrs was 100% going with the Mr.

Advert Kept Popping Up

But the YouTube advert did not stop there, as every time the Mrs watched something on YouTube, same or similar companies advert came up during every interesting/motivational videos. Slowly the idea of an online business was gaining more and more interest than the Tony Robbins videos.

The Mr is a Man of His Word

She did mention occasionally to the Mr and this time he agreed (well kind of) and stated, “we will investigate it during the half term holiday”. This was reassuring for the Mrs as the Mr is ‘Man of his Word’, therefore the Mrs added this to the common ‘to-do-list’, where it can be a visual reminder. She’s also the fan of vision boards and goal settings etc.

Anyway, came the half term holiday and she reminded him again. After a light discussion, time was set (well after watching a thriller movie) to look into the videos, as by this time she had sent him about five different business idea videos to the poor fella, but not so poor as he hasn’t watched any of them!

However, they both went through the videos together and decided to sign up for one of them, paying the joining fee. They went through the lessons quickly as the lessons were very interesting and motivational to the Mrs! She had even forgotten Tony Robbins too!

What Was The Course About?

The course was all about the mindset change (now you know why she had forgotten Tony Robbins). This was very interesting, motivational and make belief to change your life forever. But the Mr being on the intellectual side as usual started to wonder quickly (two weeks after) why they were “pumping us up” rather than teaching us about affiliate marketing as it had said on the tin (the advert).

So, he, very soon figured out (while the Mrs was still on the high!) that the company were setting us up to sell their products only! “Well, fair enough, that is a good opportunity, we won’t have to work hard building a brand(s) etc., everything is done for us” said the Mrs. Yes, that’s a plus point said the Mr, but look at the upgrading fees, not only that, but climbing up the ladder to their highest mountain, their member fees are in tens of thousands of dollars, when will we be able to get that back before we make any money. The membership fees are monthly, so all the earned money will go into fees.

The Mrs was now coming out of the highly pumped up water balloon, so she said, “I want to see how it unfolds a little bit more, so I can’t say much about it, as I want to test them out myself first”.

Another week went by, she still carried on watching the tutorial videos (more like motivational up videos, which were similar to Tony Robbins, rather than business tutorials).

The Mr now for the past couple of days had taken the back seat and was letting the Mrs get trained well in motivation and mindset change!

Actions Taken By The Mr

In the next few days the Mr searched for this company on Google for reviews, and it seemed like people whom have been with them had mixed opinions, mostly about the hefty fees, and people were mortgaging their homes to pay the membership fees and upselling fees. Some individuals felt they were trapped as they’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars, hence how can they pull out now without even earning this money back! Some bloggers even stated that “96% of people were still not making ANY money. The Mr printed the reports and blogs out and showed it to the Mrs. From there was the actual mindset change occurred towards the online business.

Online Venture Continued

They both went on and looked at two more affiliate programs, which were good in their own ways, but not what the couple was looking for.

After another week, the Mr happened to come across… 


…which was backed by impressive reviews and very happy members. Also, the amazing and surprising fact was it had ZERO joining fee to pay to be a STARTER member for the life of the membership. Therefore, after a brief look into the contents of the free lessons, the couple were totally sold and did not need anymore convincing (well, to create a business and learn how to set it up, ALL in one place and ALL for FREE, wouldn’t anyone be sold to the idea?!)

What a BUZZ so Far!

The couple joined straightaway and started going through the lessons and learnt so much in just couple of days. The lessons were very practical and informative (anyone can follow and understand), which allowed the couple to steam ahead with their online affiliate marketing business. By the end of the free lessons they had built their website: 


They also got not one, but TWO FREE websites as part of the membership, they learnt how to use WORDPRESS to create and manage their website, they had  learnt how to increase their websites ranking on Google by using the method ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO), they had learnt how to use keywords to get their rankings improved. They learnt tons, how much can be explained here (it’ll take too long, so going to stop).

During the learning phase they also got their website published and got it to go live on the Internet (what a buzz it was for the couple). Now they were both ready to make money online (all this in just a few days).

Working Together Online

Mr and Mrs worked together as a team and were consistently doing the work as instructed in the lessons. The WEALTHY AFFILIATE community was at the reach of their hand anytime they needed help (including the two BIG BOSSES). Queries and questions were answered within seconds. Not only that the two bosses (Kyle & Carson) are both hands on and always helping learners on a practical basis within the community in WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

Success Found At Last 🙂

This is the kind of stuff they were looking for, both motivational and practical. They are on a venture to making money and living happily ever after.

P.S. For your information (if you haven’t worked it out already) the Mrs is myself (Rani) and the Mr is Habib.

This is the story of our journey and we have loved every second of it. If you have enjoyed our story and want to have a similar story, then CLICK HERE TO JOIN as a FREE MEMBER and we will see you on the other side (the better side).

Also have you got a journey or story to share with us? We would love to hear it in the comments box below. All the best in your journey to success.

Habib and Rani

Founders of lifestyletipsandhacks.com – How to Get Richer and Healthier

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBfGJLMmTIA3ESh9DFYWLIg

62 thoughts on “Our Journey to Wealthy Affiliates”

  1. Hi, Habib & Rani,

    Very interesting and inspiring fairy tales!!

    I started my affiliate marketing journey in 2012. To be honest, there were lots of scams in this industry and I bought many of them when I first started out. In 2015, I discovered Wealthy Affiliate but I think it was another scam at the beginning, so I just signed up as a free Starter member and then left this industry.

    In April, 2020, I was inspired by a very successful Wealthy Affiliate member and finally know that Wealthy Affiliate is a truly helpful community. Therefore, I re-started my journey again with Wealthy Affiliate only.

    Hope we could help and motivate each other and I wish all the best in your success.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Alex, I completely understand where you are coming from, as this is a similar story for many people out there seeking platforms to make money online. Most of us do end up being scammed. We are so grateful, that this is not the story with Wealthy Affiliate.

      Thank you for your best wishes, we also wish you the same and more 🙂

      Habib and Rani

  2. A totally different take on finding what would appear to be what you have been looking for all along.

    With so many products out there it can be extremely difficult to find the right path, and some just don’t and end up bouncing from one shiny object to the next.

    I enjoyed the story and thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Mick for your comments and feedback. You are right, we need to be really careful especially what is available online, because it’s even harder to detect the ‘fake’ in the online world as everything is covered with the shiny warp.

      When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate, it’s a whole new world for genuine enthusiasm and support from the Wealthy Affiliate community who help you turn your dream into reality.

      Best wishes

  3. Hehe, what a cute but very amazing story. The lesson to be learned, always do your research! I love how you continued watching the Walking Dead Series, I am too a fan and watch it with my hubby. I love Wealthy Affiliate and found out about it from reviews myself. I have been apart of the community for three years total now and love every minute of it! Thanks for the touching story!

    • LOL 🙂

      Thank you for your reply and amazing comments. I can’t watch the Walking Dead for too long. It gives me nightmares! lol.
      Yes, we are part of this amazing Wealthy Affiliate community which is not only the best support but also wants you to succeed as well. How amazing is that! You can ask any training related questions at any time and get the response straightaway most of the times!

      Wishing you all the best in your success.


  4. Hi there,

    To be honest, there are so many scams on social media that can waste your money investment. But Wealthy Affiliate is not like that. If I was not a Wealthy Affiliate member yet and saw your article. I’d be completely sold. There’s no risk and free access that I can try.

    Thanks for your good article and all the best


  5. Great story Habib!

    When you keep looking, do the work, take the action and believe in yourself you really can achieve anything. You both did great.

    I found wealthy Affiliate a little while ago and I agree. It is the best place to learn and implement the strategies. Congrats. look forward to your next post!


    • Hi,

      That was one of the reasons we wanted to share our journey with the world, so nobody goes through what we went through ourselves.

      Thank you for you feedback.

  6. You are lucky that your husband was so set on doing research. It sounds like you both make a great team, and that is important. It is wonderful to succeed together as a team 🙂
    Wealthy Affiliate is indeed an amazing platform. I signed up for it a little over a year ago, and I haven’t looked back since then. I learned so much and I am now running four websites. I know, that seems like a lot of work, and it is, but at the same time it is also incredibly rewarding.
    I loved the story of Mr. and Mrs.!

    • Hi,

      So sweet of you to leave us such lovely comments! WE really appreciate it 🙂

      I think we both work well as a team and we always wanted to do that.

      So happy to hear you done incredibly well with the online training on Wealthy Affiliate.

      All the very best to your online success.


  7. Hi Rani,

    It’s lovely to read your Wealthy Affiliate journey with your wife, and it seems you finally find the success both of you want to fulfill your lives. I joined Wealthy Affiliate last year, so far I enjoy building my website and keep learning new marketing techniques from Jay’s LIVE training sessions. It’s so wonderful that many members inside Wealthy Affiliate are so helpful and supportive which I never met in the past. That is also an important reason that I am sure people can succeed in their online businesses if they work hard with patience, consistency, and persistence.

    Not to mention all the other powerful features inside Wealthy Affiliate which are designed to help you succeed. I cannot express how much I love Wealthy Affiliate in those short sentences, but I am sure you get what I am trying to say, right?


    • Hi Matt,

      Lovely to get your detailed feedback about Wealthy Affiliate. It is definitely the best platform if you want to make some serious money online. After 2 years of being with Wealthy Affiliate, our views are the same as the day one!

      Wishing you all the success.

  8. Great story and so personal, I wondered if it was you and you kept me guessing! A lovely take of thought and process which many of others will benefit from. Thanks for sharing, Phil

  9. Hi Rani,

    Your journey is inspirational and truly remarkable.
    I also found Wealthy Affiliate unexpectedly and that’s how my online marketing journey started. Since then it’s been like a roller coaster.
    Karma, I’d say.
    Good luck on your ventures!

  10. Hi Habib and Rani,
    I liked a lot how you begin your article entitled The Beginning of our Online Venture. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to begin a business.
    For me, I had created five successful websites with Wealthy Affiliate. in conclusion, I recommend this site for all my friends.
    Wishing you all the best

    • Thank you Rania for your lovely comments and being reconfirming our views about the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the best platform to create a successful business online.
      We also recommend Wealthy Affiliate to all our family and friends.

      Best wishes

    • Thank you so much for your feedback and appreciation. It’s actually our true story.:-)

      Glad you enjoyed reading it.

      Best wishes


  11. It’s so great if you can work together as a couple, isn’t it. My husband and I both had our own companies and during our ‘official’ working life never could work together. Nowadays we can. Glad for you you mastered it much earlier in life 🙂

  12. Hi Mr & Mrs Ali

    I like the story. I was very impressed, keep up all the good work.

    Thank you so much.

  13. I am glad that you both, after your hard work and perhaps following your financial loss achieved your outcomes successfully.

  14. To create a web site first of all you need to conceive an idea to create it and of course how to go about it to make it a success!
    The journey is not easy and full of highs and lows, but determination and motivation is the key to success.

    • Thank you Sylvia. We hope our story inspires in the hundreds of thousands of people and they get to experience what we are experiencing of the online business world. It’s truly amazing. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  15. Love the story of yours. After reading the post of your, I feel very motivated and keep on doing my online venture. Thanks to your post , I can get back to myself and keep continue. I wish the best for the both of you and success. Cheers!


    • Hi Jaden, thank you and we are happy to hear you are motivated after reading this.

      Our aim is to motivate as many people as possible because sometimes it is all that is needed, just a little motivation to start your own business online. All the best to you too.

      Rani and Habib

  16. Rani, What an unusually creative manner that you undertook in promoting Wealthy Affiliate to readers who would be interested in pursuing the idea of learning how to run an online business for themselves.

    Told through a very interesting story between a husband and wife, one gets a clear picture of how at first the wife was interested in this venture, but the husband was skeptical. In most cases, that is how it probably would be due to the fact that so many online ventures that still exist today are nothing but scams. Not everyone is a believer!

    However, as you proved, (and the husband coming around after much research was performed) it was seen that Wealthy Affiliate indeed provides such a high level of training that would help a motivated and very hard working person(s) eventually achieve success in the world of online business.

    It took a bit of convincing on your part in getting your husband to understand what WA has to offer within their total package. However, just as it is in many cases the long route towards eventually achieving financial success through running an online business in fact IS a journey!

    I wish continued success to you Rani for both you and your husband, Habib!


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for a thorough comment, much appreciated. But it was actually my husband Habib, who found wealthy affiliate, when he was investigating on another previous one which we joined, that didn’t seem to be what it was advertising. So well done to myself for pushing the Mr, but the Mr (Habib) is the one who deserves this credit.

      We work together as a great team, and we recommend couples should join to wealthy affiliate together as it has many benefits. All the best Jeff

      Rani and Habib

  17. I loved reading your story I find it a great motivation, you are very fortunate to find wealthy affiliate I found it the hard way, and I wish you best of luck for your website.

    • We are glad it has motivated you and we are fortunate to have found wealthy affiliate. But so many people are still being scammed into dodgy programmes and are losing thousands of pounds. Our only hope is people will read our full review and take the right action. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  18. I fell for an internet marketing scheme a few years ago and wound up losing a few thousand dollars and vowing to never do that again! But awhile back I found Wealthy Affiliate and couldn’t be happier with their training and community. So I just wanted to chime in and give my 2 cents for anyone looking to make money online!

  19. Love the story of how you decided to do Wealthy Affiliate. It took me a bit of convincing. I joined and quit after a month. Then after trying things on my own a few years, I joined again and truly committed to making money. It took a few months to get things going, but they are going well, I’m slowly increasing my sales each day and it is very exciting! Wish you the best in your affiliate marketing journey!

    • Thank you Melinda. Welcome back to WA. Our journey was long and we did have a bit of a bumpy ride, but now we have found our diamond here. We aim to help as many people as possible to make the right choice. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  20. Awesome story. It just goes to show what a little drive and determination can bring you. It’s great that you guys finally found something that works. There’s so many options out there, it often hard to tell what the best is honestly.

    • Yes, we’ve found it looking and searching through the good and bad systems out there. Sharing our journey will hopefully save somebody else out there being out of pocket. Thanks

      Habib and Rani

    • Hi Lynda

      Thank your for the comment. Research is very important, and we have learnt this important lesson in our journey. We hope our visitors will be using our site to do their research and find all their answers they are looking for, THAT IS ONE OF THE AIMS OF THE SITE. All the best.

      Habib and Rani

  21. I wish I had done my research like you to did. I fell into the trap of spending money to get into a supposedly good online opportunity only to lose money.

    I enjoyed your story.

    Wishing you continued success with your online business through WA.

    • Hello Billy

      Many people like yourself have fallen prey to dodgy scams online. It also happened to us.

      We have created this website lifestyletipsandhacks.com to help people and NOT let them fall for such scams. We have made it very transparent for everyone. All the best to you.

      Habib and Rani

    • Thanks for sharing with us your story. It is incredibly good to start something for free especially we are looking to earn. Thanks again for doing many researches and share us with different informations.


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