Easy Ways to Make Money Online For Free

How Can You Earn Money From Home?

There are tons of ways to make millions and billions of money online! People often get stuck on the idea of the “latest and trendiest” ways and they are never able to build a revenue generating, successful business.

Before you can actually make any money online, you need to understand the steps of building a successful business online. You need to research the proven methods, that are already working successfully, such as one that we know and use, which is Wealthy Affiliate and they are currently teaching hundreds of thousands of its members and many of these members are already making six and seven figure income online.

This method is the ultimate “money making” process that has worked in the past, is working now and it is going to work in the future too. It is the process that teaches to leverage as many opportunities in the massive online world as you are willing to work for!

Choose Your Niche

The first block of your own personal SKYSCRAPER is to before you earn money, you need to think about your niche (audience) website. Once you have a website, you will be offering value to your chosen audience through your contents, which will enable you to drive traffic to your website. Without a website, contents and traffic, there will be “NO MONEY!” Even if you continue to day dream or night dream of big money!

To re-enforce this, you must have a solid foundation of a website to build on. At Wealthy Affiliate, this will be the first thing you will be learning and implementing in terms of your business foundation.

Read our full Review on Wealthy Affiliate

The next block of your foundation is to understand the process to make money. As, there are many ways to build your entire business based on only one niche. Click here to understand what is a niche.

The diagram below explains the basic process of making money online:

Your potential Customers

There are 3.75 billion people online as of 2018, and these are your potential customers! These people are searching for millions of types of information, solutions to problems and to buy stuff (just like the way you have landed on our site). This is where you as an Affiliate Marketer come in:

  • You offer solutions to their searches
  • You recommend suitable products
  • You will be giving value and helping and in return earning money in the process

Next you need to have your own niche, which could be something you, yourself could be passionate about and therefore have lots of knowledge. Or it could be something completely new to you, for which you can learn and educate yourself.

You can learn about a niche in detail by clicking here

We all want to make big money, how big? That’s the real question, as sky is the limit, when we talk about the online business! It is important to specify your success goals by writing them down on paper. Research shows that, we as humans have 97% success rate of achieving it, if we have them written down, as there is a magical (like) effect between your brain and hand. Also, seeing your goals regularly you automatically hold yourself accountable.

We therefore recommend you writing down exactly how much money would you be happy earning, and how would you feel going far and beyond of your goals? Also think about how much time are you willing to invest in your online business?

We can absolutely assure you that you will achieve these and beyond if you work hard at this and become persistent towards these goals. You will achieve them, but ultimately it is UP TO YOU!

To get started on making money by learning and creating your own website, we recommend you sign up with:

Wealthy Affiliate for Free as a Starter Member

Good luck and go earn the money you’ve been dreaming to earn.

Please leave a comment or question you may have in the comments section below, that we have not covered already.

Have a great day 🙂

Habib and Rani

Should I Join Wealthy Affiliate? Yes or No…

We Think You Should Join…

Welcome to Lifestyle Tips and Hacks, you have made the right choice by clicking on lifestyletipsandhacks.com. We can assure you that online business is not complex once you’ve joined Wealthy Affiliate. You’ll instantly realise that the whole of the Wealthy Affiliate community including the two big bosses Kyle and Carson care for your online success, so all you need to do is get involved in the community once you’ve signed up for your Starter Membership.

You may or may not be fully aware of the massive potential in the online world of making money. Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate will be walking you through the lessons and help you realise your own potential to earn revenue and leverage the Internet to help you grow a successful business.

It’ll be crazy not to join Wealthy Affiliate after reading this and you’re serious about making money online.

Making the right Choice

With the emphasis you making right decisions, we can confidently say that anyone can accomplish success in the online santa is shockedworld. Do you know there are currently 3.75 billion people active online, so whichever direction you head your business towards, there is a big number of people you can connect with. Wealthy affiliate members have the reputation of acceding the highest success rate compared to any other platforms online. So, what are you waiting for? Santa Claus and his great big sack! Even then we’re not sure anyone will be sending you a fantastic and free offer like Wealthy Affiliate!

Beginning of the Membership

Once you’ve started your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, you may feel initially that there is a lot to learn and therefore you may feel a little bit overwhelmed! To tell you the fact, this is absolutely normal when you start learning something new. It’s like riding a bike, you may fall a few times at the beginning, but soon you’ll get the hang of it.

One thing we can advise you from our personal experience is that you stick with Wealthy Affiliate and you will achieve your goals and far beyond!

You have the passion for an online business but feeling “I’m not very technical etc”? Put your mind at ease, we can assure you that you don’t have to be! You will be learning everything at Wealthy Affiliate in the most simplest and easiest way in both written and video forms.

Your Profile is YOU

Once you’ve become a member of wealthy affiliate, your very first task will be is to complete your profile, by uploading a picture of yourself and writing some bio data of your intended goals and a little background about yourself. This will allow other members to know who you are and consequently help you anytime you need it. This will also help you with the internal wealthy affiliate ranking system (which has amazing benefits of its own) and it shows that you are serious about your success.

As you go through the lessons, it’s important to remember to continue moving forward with your learning and the success will increase, it has to! Which means everything you do now, and every step you take will contribute to your future success. The efforts you put in now will reap later and usually forever!

Action Leads to Success

As you learn at Wealthy Affiliate, make sure you remember to apply it to your website, as action leads to ‘success’. There is no point in being a walking, talking affiliate marketer and not taking any action! Remember you have a limitless potential, but if you don’t take action on your learning you won’t achieve any success.

LIVE Chat and Community

You can ask any questions through the LIVE chat section if you’re unsure about anything. Also, there is a video to watch at wealthy Affiliate to enable you to find your way around, how to get help and connect with other members. This will ultimately show you how Wealthy Affiliate will help you succeed within the online world.

There are a lot of opportunities to get involved within the wealthy affiliate community:

  1. One of them will be is to leave a comment or question after each video or a written lesson
  2. Making sure you always get involved in the tasks and activities of each lesson as this will guarantee a lot more experience and success
  3. It won’t be unusual at wealthy affiliate if you are communicating with one of many millionaire marketers who are hanging out within the community, and on hand to help you out.

Two types of Memberships

Once you sign up for your free starter membership, there will be a lot of training and lessons offered within the free membership. Once you’ve learnt all that there is to learn within the starter membership, then you can take the next big step of going premium and unlocking all the premium contents (you will love it, as we did), but the bottom line is you are in expert hands, whether you are a starter or premium member.

Our Final Piece of Advice

To conclude this, all you have to do is make yourself a promise that you will give wealthy affiliate a genuine chance, regardless of the bad experiences you may have had in the past with any other companies online, trust us we have been there. Therefore, we understand and care about you and your personal success. We want you to allow wealthy affiliate to prove that to you. If you are ready for this, then click the link below to join.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here

All the best to you and have a fantastic start to your journey of the online business world.

Please leave a comment or question you may have in the comments section below, that we have not covered already.

Have a great day 🙂

Habib and Rani


What is an Online Business? – The question asked by Millions

Go on, You can ask the question – What is an online business?

This question has been asked by millions, before starting an online business of some form. So you’re not alone, I’m going to guide you through this process, so that you will truly understand and get your answers to the question(s) that you’re searching for, ‘what is an online business?’. So lets, begin…

An online business is not that much different from the traditional business/company you see around you. Click here to continue reading about ‘What is an Online Business? – The question asked by Millions’

Want to Change your Lifestyle – from the boring 9-5 job?

Life has moved on, shouldn’t you from the 9-5?

It’s crazy to see we are still living in the olden way of working, when the life has moved on so much especially in the past two decades in terms technology, economy and especially the Internet has transformed our huge world into a global village.

According to the current statistics 3.75 billion people are active online at the moment, which means we have 3.75 billion potential customers who are looking for anything and everything online. That means whatever services you can offer, people are looking for them. This is excellent news as we can bring our individual interests, hobbies, passions into life and make millions if not more online by helping and giving value to the global community of 3.75 billion people. Click here to continue reading about ‘Want to Change your Lifestyle – from the boring 9-5 job?’

Our Journey to Wealthy Affiliates

Our journey to Wealthy Affiliates is a bit like a Disney story, so here it goes…

The Beginning of our Online Venture

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, there was a gorgeous girl and a very handsome guy who were happened to be married to each other. They both had very rewarding jobs, however they had a very keen interest in the business world, and they have been looking around for opportunities both online and the real world. They took some shiny lookalike opportunities, but they happened to be disastrous financially and mentally. They learnt a great deal from those experiences and have promised to help others not fall for these quick get rich schemes.

Success of Motivational Videos

One day the girl or let’s say the Mrs, she was listening to a motivational video of Tony Robbins on YouTube as she is very much into meditation, motivational stuff, healthy eating, exercise, mindful living, and the list goes on (actually the list is endless). Anyway, whilst she was listening to the video, an advert popped up about how you can start a business online and have all the money and freedom to travel the world (both Mr and Mrs love traveling). So she watched the full video of this advert (surprisingly!) and she was totally sold out to the idea, so she forwarded the advert video to her Mr, who didn’t watch the video of course, as the man has better things to do in life, such as watching Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and all of the (well most of it) horror, thriller movies in his spare time. Click here to continue reading about ‘Our Journey to Wealthy Affiliates’

About Lifestyle Tips and Hacks – How to Get Richer and Healthier

Hi and welcome to our site ‘Lifestyle Tips and Hacks‘ – How to Get Richer and Healthier

About the Couple

My name is Habib and my wife is called Rani, we both are graduates, myself in the field of Business and ICT and Rani
in the field of Speech and Language Therapy. I’m an ICT Tutor and Rani is a Speech and Language Therapist.

However, our common passion is the World of the Internet. We both have this passion and fascination of the online world and how it makes the billions of people on the planet come together to be one great community. Click here to continue reading about ‘About Lifestyle Tips and Hacks – How to Get Richer and Healthier’