Quick Guide to Online Success – the four processes

Steps to Successful Online Business

We all want to be successful with our online business whether it’s a website, selling products, services, or as an affiliate marketer. But do you know what makes a business successful or what steps to take to see success. Most likely not, that’s the reason you’ve found this post.

In this short but straight to the point guide, we will show you how online success can be earned very quickly ONLY if you have these 4 processes in place.

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Process number 1 – choose your niche or interest

This is where you are going to decide what you want your website to be about and what audience you are targeting to serve them by helping with whatever solution they are looking for their problem. We recommend you choose a topic of your own personal interest. Choosing something of interest or a hobby of yours will help you drive forward passionately and earn revenue while you fulfill your passion. Don’t forget your passion and interest will equate to you making money successfully.

Process number 2 – building your website

You will need a website and this will serve as the foundation of your business. You will need to think of a relevant domain name for your website (domain means your website address) based on your niche. For example our niche is to help people get richer and healthier, and therefore our domain is lifestyletipsandhacks.com.

Your website is going to represent you and everything within your site so you must remember to make every single content of good quality. This will get you good rankings from Google, Bing and Yahoo, whom are the 3 biggest search engines. They will give you authority and put your site forward when a user is searching for a relevant term and the search engines think the contact of your website will be a solution.

Good quality posts and pages on your website will attract more visitors. This means the more visitors you get the more money you will be making.

Towards the end, we will recommend an educational platform where you can sign up to create your website for free. So keep reading….

Process number 3 – attracting your visitors

It is important to get traffic and visitors to your website as this will convert into revenue for you. The good news is there is FREE traffic available out there and there is a lot of it, it’s just knowing how to get it. We will recommend and tell you where you can learn all about this FREE traffic towards the end of this post.

Also remember to write frequently and good quality posts which are rich in keywords and publish them on your website. The keywords will enable you to get your website and blog/posts indexed in Google, Bing and Yahoo. Make your contents attractive by adding images and videos.

Process number 4 – earning your revenue

Once you have successfully managed to get traffic and visitors on your website, it’s all good news from there onward because it means you will start to earn money. The MORE visitors the MORE money!

It is not going to be easy to get to this point. There will be a lot of hard work, commitment and time required from yourself if you are serious about making your online business a success. There are many ways you can monetize your website and earn a revenue from the huge amount of traffic or visitors you will get to your site. We will recommend where you can learn this further below.

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All the best to you and have a fantastic start to your journey of the online business world.

Please leave a comment or question you may have in the comments section below, that we have not covered already.

Have a great day 🙂

Habib and Rani

4 thoughts on “Quick Guide to Online Success – the four processes”

  1. Hi Habib & Rani,

    Love your short and simple review of Wealthy Affiliate through quick guide to online success. I think you have covered the essentials and it does sound impressive. I am myself a member of Wealthy Affiliate and it has worked wonders for me. It is easily the most honest and simple way to make money online.

    • Hi Aparna,

      Many thanks for your feedback and sharing your personal experience of Wealthy Affiliate. It truly as amazing platform which actually helps your dream to make money online come true.

      You just need to follow the training offered by the Wealthy Affiliate, and get support from the community when you need it. There are so many success stories of those Wealthy Affiliate members who actually earned over 6 figures income online.

      Wishing you success in the online world.

  2. Hi there. This is cool. I need more traffic to my site and if it´s free, all the better. Is it really free though and how exactly do I get this traffic?


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