Things to be grateful for in life

Are you sad and miserable in your life? Are you low in confidence and not sure how to tackle it?

If the answers are YES, then keep reading for a simple solution.

Simply Be Grateful

A simple and effective way to improve your wellbeing is to be grateful for whatever you have. Giving gratitude instantly alleviates any negative energy or low feeling.

If only you stopped and thought about everything you have in your life, that another poor soul does not have, then this will automatically make you appreciate and give gratitude.

Remember, there is always somebody out there that will always NOT have something that you are gifted with.

DON’T look up and keep blindly wishing for things you don’t have, LEARN to appreciate and give gratitude to ALL the things you HAVE in your life.

My Own Formula

My very own tried and tested and effective way of being grateful is to:

Think of 10 things you are grateful for at bedtime, just before you sleep and the first thing when you wake up.

This will allow you to leave your subconscious mind on a positive vibration, which results in manifestation of your desire. The key is that the more you are grateful, the more you will attract of that gratitude.

What are your 10 things you are grateful for before sleeping and when you wake up?

Hope this helps you the way it’s helped me. So start being grateful from now and see the difference for yourself.

Happy living 🙂


12 thoughts on “Things to be grateful for in life”

  1. I agree, practicing gratitude is a great way to increase happiness. Each night before going to sleep no matter how trying or difficult my day has been, I run through in my head the many things in my life I am grateful for. It has a very calming effect on me before I drift off into a deep sleep.

    • Dear Skypath, this proves that even thinking about gratitude, we feel good and happy. Imagine how we would feel if we are actually grateful for good things in our lives! We all need to think about that. Take care. Rani

  2. Thank you Rani for this wonderful post and a reminder to all of us, of what is really important in life! We hear about gratitude all the time, yet it’s so easy to forget! So just keep reminding. Gratitude is sure the best attitude we can have in life.

    • Hi Martina, thanks for liking the post. Yes you’re right, remembering positive in a negative is actually something we all need to remind ourselves of. Keep sharing your views. Kind regards, Rani

  3. I like the idea of thinking of ten things that we are grateful for before we go to sleep. Perhaps I will sleep better if I do that instead of worrying about things that I cannot control. Thank you for the suggestion! I am often grateful throughout the day but it’s not the same as intentionally thinking of ten things all at once.

    • Yes Theresa, this is an effective method to instantly raise your vibration. The amazing thing is, if you think of 10 or more things before sleep, you’re remaining on the positive vibration subconsciously throughout the night and thus attract more of what you’re grateful for. Also you will sleep better as well. Wish you all the best.


  4. Short but powerful message. We really do need to be grateful for the little we have because if we appreciate the little we have and we keep an open mind, then we would definitely attract that, which we do not have and can better our lives.

    • Yes Ajiri, you’re absolutely correct. Being grateful takes the same amount of effort than being negative. What you think is what you get. This is the universal law. The choice is yours “what you want to get more of….”! Best of luck


  5. Hi Rani,

    Does this really work? I have tried the positive thinking route before and to be honest it didn’t work. It is very hard to stay positive when you are constantly getting knocked down after you have just gotten up from the last time.

    • Hi F.W, you’ve asked a very interesting question. Yes it’s hard to remain positive in this negative world. The question is: is your happiness based on others’ moods or your own? The real power is when you remain positive internally regardless of what the people or the circumstances offer us. You could meditate on the feelings that you want to keep and be mindful of those you want to let go of. Hope this makes sense. Please ask if you have further questions. Kind regards.



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