Topcashback Review

Who is TopCashback?

Topcashback is one of the most generous and highest cashback giving sites. They do cashback on literally everything from travel, broadband, mobile networks, hotels, food, entertainment, and shopping to insurance.

We discovered them for about 5 years ago. Since joining them then we have claimed cashback of good few thousand pounds, so we wish we had discovered them sooner!

If this sounds interesting to you… then continue reading…

Topcashback enables you to claim cashback on almost whatever you are shopping for!

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The Simple Process to Join

  1. You simply sign up for free
  2. Create an account entering your details
  3. Once you are on the Topcashback site you can browse through and select what brands you want to buy
  4. Then you get directed to the particular site
  5. You buy as normal
  6. As a result, you get your cashback paid directly into your bank or PayPal account
  7. The pay-out can take from few weeks to few months

It is as simple as that!

Your cashback percentages can vary from products and services. Generally you can get cashback from 1% to 100%! Scale is really that big!

Just to make you aware that the 100% cashback will be mainly for in store purchases. There is an additional tab for ‘in-store’ on the left side if you are accessing the Topcashback site via the mobile app. For your guidance refer to the photo to the right:


  • It’s free to use. Or you can upgrade for £5 a year for additional cashback
  • Various brands and services to choose from and there are literally thousands
  • Flashback offers on best cashback deals from time to time AND for new members
  • No minimum amount required to transfer into your bank account or PayPal
  • Additional cashback via the referral link


  • There is no cashback guarantee and it doesn’t track sometimes. So a piece of advice would be: don’t buy anything just for the sake of a cashback. Look elsewhere or in store first as it might be cheaper elsewhere anyway.
  • Cashback process can take several months sometimes

This is our up to date review. Please let us know your experience or if you have any questions. We will try our best to answer.

Happy shopping 🙂

Habib and Rani

8 thoughts on “Topcashback Review”

  1. I use this and other cashback sites regularly. I try to tell me my friends and family about them but they don´t believe me and think it´s all a scam, even if I show them the money I have claimed back. Thanks for the review. It´s good to know others are using it too.

    • That’s great to hear you are benefiting from the Topcashback app as well. We’ve also had the same experience with our relatives as they too think it’s a scam even when we showed them the proof of how much money we claimed back.

      Thank you for you feedback


  2. I have been using EBates to get cash back from shopping online for years. A few years ago, they started allowing cashback for in-store purchases. I have yet to take advantage of this because I do not buy just for rebate.

    Is TopCashBack available for US residents or only in the UK?

    Gwendolyn J

    • Hi Gwendolyn, Thank you for your feedback. I have heard about the Ebates but I am not sure it is available in the UK. From what I heard I think Topcashback is available in the U.S. but again please do your research. Many Thanks


  3. Hi,

    Thank you for a great article, I had heard of top cashback a little while ago and wanted to look more into it and then I stumbled on your site.
    From the cashback and savings that are there it is totally worth it.

    Thank you again.

  4. I have to admit I don’t know what “cashback” actually is. I tried to Google it but didn’t find a clear answer. So if I buy something through their service, the will pay me money… because? What do they get from it? An affiliate payment from the company and split it with you? Is there any way to know how much you will be paid and you do get to keep the actual product right? Just seems fishy to me but maybe you can convince me otherwise?

    • Hi, yes you are right, they will pay you from the money they get from companies by promoting/advertising the products/services. It’s a bit like an affiliate programme where they get the percentages and they end up giving some of it to the consumer.

      The amount you get will depend on the product whether it’s a new item, where you will more likely to get it for free to try it. Otherwise the percentage amount you will get is always advertised with the product and you pay the difference of course. If it’s free then YES you get to keep it. Majority of the times you will get your cashback.

      A humble piece of advice from us will be to not buy things you don’t want, just in case you don’t get the cashback. Honestly speaking we have been getting the cashback, I would say 99% of the time. So it is a fairly straightforward and profitable area, plus you get to try new stuff especially the food. We have discovered loads of different kind of food through theses promotions.. Hope this helps. Kind Regards



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