Want to Change your Lifestyle – from the boring 9-5 job?

Life has moved on, shouldn’t you from the 9-5 job?

It’s crazy to see we are still living in the olden way of working, when the life has moved on so much especially in the past two decades in terms technology, economy and especially the Internet has transformed our huge world into a global village.

According to the current statistics 3.75 billion people are active online at the moment, which means we have 3.75 billion potential customers who are looking for anything and everything online. That means whatever services you can offer, people are looking for them. This is excellent news as we can bring our individual interests, hobbies, passions into life and make millions if not more online by helping and giving value to the global community of 3.75 billion people.

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Dreams into Reality – do you want to change your lifestyle?

But the sad news is that the most of us are still unaware of this ‘huge opportunity‘ out there to ‘turn your dreams into reality’.

Whatever ‘dreams’ you may have: earning millions, time and freedom, traveling the world, or sack your boss that you have been wanting to do for ages and ages, as you have been working your ‘backside off’ trading your time for money for the boring 9-5 job or more hours to make your boss richer. You sacrificed your time away from family and friends, did not go on holidays as you did not have enough time or money, and most of all to fulfil your desires, your hobbies and interests that you have been so passionate about. But ‘that desire’ has always been put on hold with compromising thoughts that “one day I will pursue it’ when I have enough money and time.

Bitter Truth

To kindly inform you of the bitter truth, that time and money is ‘NEVER’ going to come if you don’t think outside of the normality, that most of us or you can say, all of us are programmed to do:

Go to school, college, and university to graduate with the credentials to get a good job with the desire to make ‘big money’.

But in reality as you enter the world of jobs, you are there to trade all your daylight hours if not evenings and or nights to grind yourself down for those ‘dreams’ to be fulfilled. You may get the money for all your hard work, but do you know what? Would you have the time and energy to enjoy that money if you are working 40-60 or 80 hours per week. Then the hope of ‘that one day’ remains in the backseat, before you realise you’ve hit the retiring age. You no longer have those ‘burning’, compassionate desires nor the energy, or may be the health to fulfil your dreams’.

What Type of person are you?

I ask you a very important question, do you want to be this type of person? If you do then please don’t read any further and go find your fit (I say that with the utmost respect) . However, if you want to do something different to get different results, which will fulfil all the ‘dreams’ that you have been yearning all your life.

Then click here to register for a FREE affiliate programme which will change your life on a ‘dream come true’ level if you remain committed the way we did.

We are here to enjoy the life, as we came here in this world to enjoy its bounties.

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Best of luck. We wish all your ‘dreams and desires’ be fulfilled.

Your pals

Habib & Rani

14 thoughts on “Want to Change your Lifestyle – from the boring 9-5 job?”

  1. Can you really change your life by setting up a business online? How did you do it? I am interested after reading this. Please let me know. Thank you

  2. Thanks for sharing a very interesting post. How did you make this blog as it is easy to follow and keeps the readers attention and focus? It certainly kept mine.

  3. Hi there,
    I feel like you are talking to me directly because I am sick and I am tired of this thing of walking to work every morning it starting to get me and every day that I walk in that office I hate my boss more and I know its not his fault considering I went there looking for the job myself but all the same I want out and if your recommendation will work then I m more than willing to help you out.

    • Hi Dave. We are and do talk to all our visitors. Everything here we are saying comes directly from the heart and our personal experience. Our recommendation is the best we have come across ourselves. We will recommend something that we would want for ourselves. All the best. 

      Habib and Rani

  4. Hello Habib and Rani,

    I never considered to quit my job, in fact I had to quit because of a restructuration of the hospital.
    Away from the routine and then becoming a mother, you begin to imagine what could be and search for alternatives.
    Looking back I am glad it hapened, because otherwise I would probably never had a look to this Wealthy Affiliate University.
    I can’t imagine a better place to learn how to make more out of your life.

    Thank you for your article.

    • Hi Anne, we are happy to hear you have found wealthy affiliate and it has changed your life. Just like you said you get to learn everything and make the most of life, as you’ll break lose from the 9-5, regular old fashioned type of job, and in return give that time to the more important aspects of life, like freedom, time, family etc. All the best to you.

      Habib and Rani

  5. This interesting site has given me so much inspiration to even open my own website/business and has made me believe that i can really make a difference to others lives as you have done to mine 🙂

    • Khadeja, you have come to the right place to be guided, if you are thinking about having your own online business. If you read our other blogs/posts, you can see how easy it is to have your own little space on the massive virtual space of the Internet. Let us know if you need further assistance. Good luck

      Habib and Rani

    • Hi Fatema,

      You are not alone, the world has changed so much and this has impacted all aspects of our lives. How we work and when we work and for how long, all this can be decided by you, by having your own online venture. You can look at our wealthy affiliate review for more understanding. All the best

      Habib and Rani

  6. Hi Habib and Rani,
    I believe most people want to leave the 9 – 5 routine, giving more time to the things which are important to us all – Family, friends and Time!

    • Hi Glynis

      Thanks for the feedback. It is spot on what you’ve just said. Life has moved on so much and so should our lifestyle! This is another focus on our site is to get people to understand and realise that they don’t have to be stuck to the 9-5 job, and that there is other opportunities available to them. Online opportunities are very popular and soon majority of the jobs will be done online. So it’s essential for everyone to wakeup to this reality! All the best

      Your pals

      Habib and rani


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